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Cause I am really getting, ahem, strung out on Weeds and I want to talk about it.

It must be 10 years now since I stopped subscribing to premium cable so I don't have Showtime. So forgive if I seem a little past the sell by date.

They started showing past episodes on the TV guide channel on Sunday night so I have now have reservations for television time (I think maybe this is why I stopped having cable TV (that plus my absolute loathing of the cable company)).

But anyhoo. This show is absolute nuts. They killed off U-Turn last week and had his funeral with him in a hot tub (because the boat wouldn't fit into the building).

Mary Louise Parker is sublime in the role. On the surface she is this suburban soccer Mom but in real life she is hardened hustla slurping starbucks iced coffees while she delivers a trunk full of heroin to the Mexicans under the guise of handing out false identities to illegal aliens at a construction site as her day job.

I love it.

I have cheated ahead a little on Youtube so I know lots of endings but I think this week they go to the Mexicans for protection.


  • Spoiler alert...maybe?

    I'm about 4 seasons behind myself.
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    It's on my "to see" list, so I can't comment on any of it.

    Somewhere here, I think it was springtime, there was a discussion of Mad Men. Haven't seen that one either, as I am culturally deprived - no cable. I bought first three seasons ($9.99 per season) from Amazon several days ago, but it hasn't shipped yet. Must have sold a ton of them. I want to have time to pay attention to all the details - clothes, furnishings, colors, etc. - as that was my young adult time.
  • Ooh, sorry about the spoiler mommio and bluesboy. I thought this was ancient history. I assumed everybody but me had seen this two or three times already.

    Based on my synopsis anybody got a guess as to which season I'm watching.

    I refuse to buy DVDs of television shows so maybe I will just have come over to your house and watch it ;+)

    My kid wants me to buy them DVDs of Glee for Chrismus and my response is why would I do that? You do know that it comes on TV, for free.

    Brighternow, I have no clue what that link was about. And here I thought I was the king of random links
  • I could get it from Netflix, and in the case of Weeds, I will. I want Mad Men just because.
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    I've tried to swear off collecting TV series, those VHS tapes of every Sopranos episode just sit there (although you never know). Having the DVR box and cable makes it easier to catch all the episodes. My only exception is that I've recorede every Dr. Who episode to DVD, and I bought both seasons of Torchwood when Amazon had them on special - still waiting for Dr. Who seasons to drop in price. I dug Weeds the first few seasons but found they got a little way-out by season 4, I dunno.

    Oh, and I thought Luther, the recent BBC-A miniseries was freaking great - real dark twisted Brit crime show, reminded me of Touching Evil from a few years back.
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    I have the first 6 seasons of Scrubs on DVD, as I absolutely love that show. Other than that all I have is The Wire which Ellen and I are working our way through (currently well into the 4th season, so there is only about a season and half left!). I can't recommend that show enough.

    Ellen also gets Big Love for Christmas each year, but we sell it to Half Price Books after we watch it. I'm honestly glad there is only one season of that show left. It too has gotten seriously out there.

  • I wanted to like Weeds. I really did. But after 3 seasons I realized that I hated every single character on the show (no matter how hot Miss Parker is) and hoped they would all die. But the theme song sure is great.

    We are getting ready to ditch ye olde cable box. Since Hulu Plus won't let us stream a number of shows to the Roku (which I do like a lot) that will be shifted upstairs and I'll be setting up an HTPC that will let us access our most important shows - Community, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother.

    Just ordered this to help make it happen.
  • @thom, that thing is hilariously adorable, let me know how it works out. We use Air Mouse Pro to control our Mini in the living room along with both the Apple remote for iTunes and the VLC remote. All work pretty well.
  • Yeah Thom, that thing is truly impressive.

    What the hell does it do?

    You too Elwood
  • mommio, you are going to looove Mad Men! One of the few series I've saved permanently from Tivo. The fashion & furnishings are incredible to see - details are perfect.
    Got the 1st season of Weeds from the library and after the 3rd episode - I gave it back to them. Just couldn't get into it. Big Love, either - it got too weird, too fast.
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    @jUj, think of it and Air Mouse as a keyboard and mouse combo that allows you to engage deeper with slothful activities (control your HTPC or HTMac from the comfort of the couch).
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    I see, just like frozen toast

    pop it in the toaster, ready in minutes

    on sale at your local grocer, almost as cheap as a loaf of bread ;+)
  • I wanted to like Weeds. I really did. But after 3 seasons I realized that I hated every single character on the show (no matter how hot Miss Parker is) and hoped they would all die. But the theme song sure is great.

    The theme song was unbearable to me. Thank godz for DVRs. Fortunately, they stopped using the song for season 4, which rawked. I had stopped watching midway through 3, but was persuaded to try again...and am glad I did. Season 5 was exponentially better, and the just-completed Season 6 was APESHIT. My wife and I spent a long time thinking of when we had seen 13 near-perfect episodes in a row that combined comedy and intensity this way. We kinda settled on Justified -- I can't believe how good the first season was, and am almost beside myself waiting for the second -- but I'm leaning back toward giving it to Weeds. Amazing, amazing season.

    And incidentally, 2 major and one almost major character GONE. Another one greatly reduced. Very much worth giving another try, honest.

    Last note about buying TV shows: why would you not? Better picture and sound, no commercials, special features, and on demand. I admit that I haven't watched every episode I've ever bought more than once, but I've watched all of the eps of Firefly enough times to make up for it.
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    Firefly - I bought it recently when Amazon had it on sale, but haven't had a chance to view it yet -- have to get hubby away from the TV. Nathan Fillion is one of my favorites. He is why I first watched Castle, and now I like all the cast. So you have inspired me to get on the ball and get out my Firefly series. And no, I haven't even seen it on TV. Bought it because of Fillion.

    I have watched Frasier episodes multiple times. That's the series that has probably made me laugh more than any other.

    Same for the three season of Night Court I have. I'm hoping season four will be available in a few months, but it's season six that has the episode that is on my list of best ever.

    Hill Street Blues -- Yes! I never get tired of that one.

    Rockford Files - bought three seasons for hubby and he has them somewhere in his stash downstairs, so I haven't watched them yet.

    I have a few movies that I watch over and over, too, mostly comedies. I really needed them to change my mood when I was still working. Raising Arizona. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A Christmas Story. The Big Lebowski. That's just the short list.

    I love being able to pick up a movie or episode any time I want, at the drop of a hat.
  • If I'm gonna buy a tv show on dvd, it's gotta be one that doesn't have necessary entry points. For instance, I think The Wire is one of the best shows ever, but it's tough to sit down and just watch a random episode. So much builds from the very first episode, as well as each preceding episode of the season in which whatever random episode I choose to sit down and watch, it gets tough to watch it without remembering all the nuances and details to give the context. The Shield is another good example of that, though quite frankly, they ended that show so brilliantly that I can never watch it again. The writers for The Shield put the Sopranos writers to shame, seriously left them in the shade on quality writing and how to synthesize a character down to his/her most basic elements as a wrap-up of the series.

    Oh my god, the most beautiful bird just landed outside my window. It was mostly blue with some fashionable streaks of black and gray stripes.

    Shows that I own on dvd are Hill St. Blues (which they need to friggin' release seasons three and four of), Oz (prison, not Dorothy), West Wing, Reno 911, and X-files. I'm thinking I would like to have NewsRadio, but not entirely sure yet.

    My wife owns almost the entire Golden Girls run, Designing Women, That Girl, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Arrested Development. I believe Rosanne is next on her list.

    Oh, and we co-own Strangers With Candy the complete series.
  • NewsRadio and Arrested Development have always been on my list of things I want but not enough to spend the money for them. Maybe one of these days.

    As for Reno 911, I learned a few months ago that the acting troupe I was in during high school also had a member by the name of Nick Swardson (aka Terry). I have no memory of him. Either he got A LOT funnier, or I have absolutely no eye for comedy talent.

    No beautiful birds landed outside my window during the making of this post.

  • Season 6 was APESHIT. My wife and I spent a long time thinking of when we had seen 13 near-perfect episodes in a row that combined comedy and intensity this way

    agree with Tim on Weeds.
    My wife and I have watched since the beginning.

    we've started watching "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO with Steve Buscemi and set in Atlantic City
    during prohibition; good stuff and great opening tune: "Straight Up and Down" by Brian Jonestown masscre
  • @jonah - I was thinking that was some sort of commentary on your short attention span or something...

    My only problem with NewsRadio on DVD is the lack of features - specifically no closed captions. Well, there are Portuguese ones. But if all I had to watch on TV was NewsRadio (have the first 3, need the last 3) and Arrested Development (all 3 seasons), I'd be happy.

    I might give Weeds another chance, but once I finish up Babylon 5 on Netflix I'll be trying to catch up with Eureka and Burn Notice.

    Now that I got my mini keyboard in (it is f'ing cool) I'll be setting up my HTPC with Boxee this weekend. Next I need to figure out an easy way to pump the DVD and Roku to speakers next to us in bed so that we can actually listen to shows after The K is asleep.

    If anyone else is interested in Hulu Plus, I discovered this show the other night called Baeble. A number of cool concerts available including the likes of Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Ra Ra Riot, and Dosh. Looks like they might be up on their website, too.
  • Craig, how could you not remember this guy?
  • He has clearly done a lot of drugs since I (apparently) knew him.

  • Jonah, in this area of the country, the bird was probably a blue jay. I always thought their call sounded like "Thief! Thief! Thief!" but my mother-in-law insisted it was "Cat! Cat! Cat!" - they are beautiful, especially against the backdrop of snow.
  • Ah, blue jays - nature's little asshole.

    Definitely beautiful birds. This winter I will miss taking pictures of them perched in all of the brush that used to suffocate my backyard. But they are some of the nastiest birds out there - always screeching and chasing away the smaller birds.
  • Blue Jays are indeed mean little bastards. Cowbirds are also jackwagons.

  • Blue Jays are also some ungrateful bastards, I tried to rescue one with an injured wing by
    picking it up off the ground and placing it on a nearby tree limb; the dirty little SOB grabbed
    my finger with its beak and held on like a tiny, pointy head pit bull as I tried to shake it off
    while spinning in squealing circles.
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    I have several bird feeders (yes, a bird watcher here), and my newer ones have made it more difficult for the blue jays to hog up all the food. I have a thistle feeder, safflower feeders (squirrels don't like safflower seeds, but the birds seem to love them), cracked corn feeder, suet station, and a mixed seed feeder. The mixed seed one is metal and has a spring-loaded perch, so the squirrels have learned they can't raid that one, and the blue jays are too big to comfortably fit the limited space. I usually sprinkle some seed on the ground under the feeders for squirrels and doves. Of course, all the birds help themselves to that bounty. The blue jays frequent the safflower feeders or gobble up the seed on the ground. We have a variety of birds. Even a hawk can be seen from time to time, but the hawks don't dine on the seed.
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    Sons of Anarchy season finale - Spoilers within, so watch your ass if you haven't seen it yet.

    Okay, it's been a couple weeks; anybody want to shoot the breeze about season three of Sons of Anarchy?

    First of all, this season ended strong. It seemed pretty wishy washy and flat for most of the season, but once they picked up and went to Belfast, it was like the writers finally caught their rhythm and, damn, the story just went fantastic from there. It had a lot of that "Shield" edge to it again, which it really felt like it lost beginning with the season two finale.

    Can I just say, Jimmy R.I.P.. You were an evil dude, but I'll miss seeing you on the show. I'm a forty year old man, but I find myself trying to talk and act like the guy. How fucking cool did that actor play the role, yeah?

    And the scene at the end where Agent Stahl is killed. First off, the look on Chief Unser's face as he's smoking his joint... Stahl's look of embarrassment for him is brilliant followed by her lack of empathy at his admission to having stage three cancer, but that great acting is easily trumped by the look on Unser's face when he tells her, sweetie, you really should have some of this, and offers her the joint again while the school bus containing the SoA soldiers bears down on them. And then Opie in the backseat and Stahl begging for her life, powerful stuff. Some great acting all around. Opie finally did some himself. It seemed like he'd gotten lazy with his acting in a cloud of depression mannerisms, and when he talked to Stahl and was reliving the death of his wife and trying to get Stahl to feel what his wife must've felt, Opie had a strong acting effort there, real solid, I could really feel it as a viewer, it felt sincere to me, yeah? Ah, Jimmy O.

    I wasn't surprised at the whole twist that the SoA knew about Jax involvement all along and were working Stahl. Obviously I couldn't be entirely sure, and there was a real panic in the air when Stahl betrayed Jax's confidence and revealed he was working with her, the acting was good enough to fool me as a viewer, but the show dropped enough hints that maybe it wasn't like that, and well, I just didn't think that the show would actually turn the corner necessary to make Jax really work with the feds without the crew's knowledge. Not unless the show was wrapping up for good.

    Very happy the way this show rebounded. Luck of the Irish, yeah?
  • It seemed pretty wishy washy and flat for most of the season, even after they picked up and went to Belfast

    The season finale was excellent. Back to par with previous seasons. I was bored even when they were in Belfast. Not surprised they killed off Stahl - can you believe that bitch shot her lover? Love love love Katey Sagal - and I loathed her from the 2 episodes I saw her in that horrible "Married With Children" - the Gemma character is wonderful. Giving old lady advice to Opie to get married, advice to Tara, knowing Tara was pregnant....
    Speaking of Tara that is an odd character. They wrote some really unbelievable scenes for her this season, I think really otu of her previous season character.

    I wasn't surprised at the whole twist that the SoA knew about Jax involvement all along and were working Stahl.
    I know what you mean. I was more surprised at Jax telling Stahl that she just signed his death warrant -that whole scene. Made me smile when the bikes beeped and everyone in the bus started laughing. They fooled me!
  • OK so I see that Weeds is now impacting public policy.

    I thought Uturn was just getting in touch with his inner geek when he was checking out Nancy's Prius.

    Turns out he was really getting in touch with his inner gangster. It seems the hybrids are perfect for drive by shootings because they run so quietly.

    I now see where the federal government is forcing manufacturers to make their hybrids more noisy under the pretense of protecting blind people and young children from walking out in front of them. But we all know its so they can eliminate the drive by crowd from the market.
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