Bargains on the new eMusic

For those of us exploring the new pricing structure on emusic it seems worthwhile to start a thread to log bargain prices on albums on the new site. I guess this might overlap with our bargains and mispriced box sets thread, but many of these seem not so much necessarily mistakenly priced or outrageous or seven hours long, but rather just cheaper albums on emusic, especially albums where the price has gone down on the new site. We can still use the other thread for more general great deals.

Here are a few of the ones I have found so far:

Hotel Neon - Remnants (4 tracks, 33 minutes, $1.99 US) (Ambient/drone)
Horace Parlan - Joe Meets the Rhythm Section ( 6 tracks, 39 minutes, $3.99 US) (Jazz)
Alonefold - Wanderer and Stone (3 tracks, 1 hour 3 minutes, 99 cents US) (Ambient/drone)
Alonefold - Nirvana Haze (1 hour 2 minutes, 1 track, 49 cents US) (Ambient/drone)
Ensemble Vocal Européen and Philippe Herreweghe - Lassus: Lagrime di San Pietro (28 tracks, 59 minutes, $3.99 US) (Classical) (This last one is on Harmonia Mundi which is broken right now. But when they fix it there is a whole series of their titles bargain priced at $3.99)



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