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Any requests, suggestions?
Stick 'em in here.


  • I generally like the idea of not getting too fancy with tons of graphics, etc.

    However, I do enjoy having a polling feature on other message boards; if it's possible and not too difficult to include a way for users to add polls to their messages, that would be awesome - and it would be another good way to distinguish emusers from the regular, rather pitiful emusic boards.

    Either way, thanks again for the boards.
  • Could we have a list of users, to make it easier to whisper?
  • Ah, yes. For now, just do a blank search on 'users'.
    There's 37 marvellous names to choose from!

    (although 3 of those are me)
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    I spend a lot of time on a different message board that has two absolutely wonderful features..

    1) Replies to threads you've posted in. You click on this link, and any thread that you've posted in that's seen additional posts since you last clicked it will be listed here
    2) Threads with new posts. A list of threads that have seen new posts weather you've posted in them or not.

    Both of these would of course be listed in descending order by date.
    BTW that board is it's a forum for music community centered around Souther Ontario, Quebec and a few other places.
  • Qwynwyn - A list of members is now available via a new tab at the top.

    Televiper - The new discussion filters and subscription options should mostly cover what you wanted I think. Best options I could find anyway.

    SoNotASonata - Sorry, the only 'Poll' extension for Vanilla doesn't seem to have been updated for about 2 years and going by user comments it sounds like more trouble than it's worth. I'll look into an external solution - maybe something like they're trying at 17dots.
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    Is there any way to edit one's previous post? I want to activate the links on my "Way off topic" post, and I tried clicking on the BB Code button in that post after logging in, but it didn't work.

    BTW, I like the improvements!

    edit - never mind, I just saw the little edit button that appears on the upper right-hand corner of the post after submitting......
  • xtrev - Thanks for adding the list of members. It's a handy way of whispering to people if needed. ;o)
  • The member list isn't working for me. A page full of names flases briefly, then shows only the first few. Is it a problem with the page or a problem with me? That's all I need -- one more problem with me. :)
  • Hmm...not sure...seems OK in a few browsers here.
    It should end up displaying the first 5 members with a row of numbered and 'arrowed' boxes above and below for navigation.


    You can also do a blank search for users in the search tab, that lists everybody in a less fancy way.
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    Hey xtrev!

    First of all, I want to say thanks for putting this site together along with all the time & effort you've put into it! It was nice to find this place and come out of the rain after that big storm blew in over in eMuLand.

    No big whoop, but you could prolly set that members list to show a bit more than 5 members at a time. I don't mean to brag, but I think my browser could handle a good 15 or 20 names at a crack, by jiminy!

    Also (as long as I'm checkin' out the dentures on this gift horse...) a "Preview" feature for posting would be nice too. It usually takes me 3 or 4 attempts to get my finely honed prose and linkies down the way I likes 'em. Preview would help keep me from inflicting my rough drafts on an unsuspecting publick.
  • Hey madhatter,
    Thanks for the kind words, it was fun (sort of) to set this up (but many thanks to Eythian for much needed help with stuff).

    As for the members list and preview features....hmmm....I'll look into it again but they didn't play nice with each other before.
    You can always use the 'search' tab to get a list of users anyway, just leave the search field blank, select the 'users' option and go-go-go.
    The forum extension that displays the members list in that tab doesn't have any UI settings for changing the number displayed, so I'd probably need to get into the code to adjust it, which I'm not keen on doing.

    I really should update the forum to the latest version first, but now things are busier I'm reluctant to tinker too much in case of breakage.
    Plus, it's been about a year since I even looked at the stuff 'behind the curtain' here, so I'll need to refresh the old grey cells before doing anything too drastic.

    Maybe I'll do it on wednesday.
  • As long as you don't stress over it. I like this place, as is.
    I volunteered for a boy scout troop my son is in, and I am going to have to tell them I can't do it any more.
    So I understand time crunches, and saying yes when you really mean 'omigod can I do that ' in the 4 hours alloted?
    It's not my prob anymore. Somebody else is doing it. Hee. We'll see how I do posting Mutantis' new stuff tomorrow.

    I'm not one to impede progress. But. You don't HAVE to.
    Just remember that.
  • here's some text i slopped together to intro amclark to - i think it fits here:

    hombre! welcome to our pleasure den of the absurd! this little backwater resort town, nestled within the cactus pines of south crematoria, has been haven to such luminaries as to make the heavens envy. the village well, condemned for well over 35 years, is the most discernible landmark and a testament to the communal resolve to let poisonous liquids, gasses and other matter remain as prevalent as a run-on sentence. clink clinkitty clink to the well we go
  • xtrev, I can see the Member List as in your screen capture when I use Firefox. Internet Explorer runs the page numbers vertically through the first page list and is not usable in that browser. Thanks for the help.
  • How about a live music category?
  • Heh. I just added a post for live music, and as I was setting the category I was thinking the same thing.

  • Reading the Yall need some soul up in this mofo thread, I agree with the comments from JUJ and xtrev about how irritating the practice of lumping together rap/hip-hop with r&b/soul(even bracketing these last two isn't that helpful, though I do see that there is a certain amount of crossover) at the other place was, it just made a massive category that it was so hard to find some releases within it.

    I was wondering if the same could be done with some of the other discussion sections here, for 'International' and 'Latin' maybe? I know that there are not many threads in either currently, but that was something else that I hated at that other site, 'International' lumping souk with afrobeat and gamelan etc etc . Maybe this might open up the possibility of more threads in these categories?
  • Yeah, can split things more if you like.
    What shall we plump for?


    Leave more suggestions and I'll sort them out over the next day or 3 (unless another mod does it first).
  • I don't think it needs to be highly categorised, or else the rock/indie sections should be split up similarly, this is mainly a discussion/recommendations site, if it was for downloads a greater division would certainly make sense(are you reading emu?). For now I guess African will do as one, though that is a broad church. similarly Latin would do as one I guess See how it goes with just these 2 new ones for now, maybe?

    Other thoughts on this?
  • Apart from African and Latin, the only one I see being big enough for a separate category is Celtic. Although brittleblood's interest in Japanese might warrant a separate one too.

  • Doesn't matter to me, so long as some sort of ID or description is included. I'm so ignorant that naming many of the styles means nothing to me. Latin? African? Yeah, I think I understand those. :) But when you begin breaking it down even more, it's meaningless.
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    Could we change the title of the sub-forum "New Age" to "Ambient"? I've got some bands I'd like to start some discussions about and rec'ing, and of my choices, New Age seems like closest fit. I think the word 'ambient' might open the field up a bit.
  • OK.
    African, Latin and Ambient added.
  • Is there a feature in my Preferences I'm not seeing or something that you wonderful mods could flip the switch on that would make it so that when I click on a link here it opens a new window rather than taking me off the emusers site? I feel like this is something I can adapt on my side of the computer screen, but I'm not seeing it anywhere.
    Thank you again.
  • are you on a pc? with Explorer 8? if so you can hold down control when you click on the link and it will open on a new tab - is what I usually do for both kinds of link.
  • I click on links with the middle wheel on the mouse -- opens a new tab (IE 7).
  • Thank you. I use a Mac, and the Command key subs for your IE Command key. Works just fine. Thanks again.
  • Right mouse clock does it too if you're hanging onto a beer bottle with your left hand. Glug - click - glug
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