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frogkopf posted about the Blues on sale but there's also other stuff. There is an On Sale at eMusic link on the front page that takes you here


With a fair bit of stuff, including major label. Most of it is N/a in my region so I can't see what they're reduced to though.


  • Weeeellll, the major label stuff isn't exactly on sale. It's 12 credits for >12 tracks. Nice fudge there eMusic.
  • This is an old thread, but maybe it will serve for sales that are not Amazon/7digital etc.

    Projekt Records is having a 50% off sale on a long list of physical inventory here. Includes titles from related labels.
    Projekt is America’s premier independent label specializing in passionate, intense music in the darkwave, shoegazer, dream-pop, ethereal & ambient genres.
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    Ears & Eyes Records is having a CD sale... buy 3 or more and get them for $6 each...


    I haven't really explored the label much at all. I became familiar with them recently when they released Caroline Davis's excellent new(ish) release. I'm guessing they're based out of Chicago, release music by artists on the Chicago jazz and improv scene, maybe cross over into experimental musics and some other genres.

    Worth exploring, for sure, and eventually I'll take my own advice.

    P.S. I like the idea of this thread announcing sales that don't make it through traditional retail outlets. Like, I regret not having posted the Clean Feed Records label sale from earlier this year.

  • Projekt Records is moving premises and clearing space and has a very temporary deal (announced via email) where if you send them $19 by paypal to paypalpayment@projekt.com they send you 15 cds from their back catalog (they choose which ones) (=$1 each plus shipping). Offer open to US customers only. They do ambient/darkwave.
  • Well, my super clearance box arrived from Projekt. The deal was 15 CDs for $15 + shipping. It seems it was more "how many of these CDs fit in this box" because they sent me 21 CDs. Two or three are ones I might have bought; most of the rest I know nothing about. This will be fun!
  • Here's what I got:
  • Dusty Groove sidewalk sale. I was down there today and they have some CDs. But as to vinyl:


    A truckload, literally. People carting off bags/boxes full at 50 cents apiece. At the end of the day, they're going to auction off what's left, winner carts it away...
  • Serious envy going on here between the two photos of the box of cds and the sidewalk sale.
  • I found a few good things in the sale CDs...There was actually lots of interesting classical things out on the sidewalk

    As always, jazz bargains to be found inside
  • Can't go wrong with a Muse label recording.

    I haven't listened to that Byron recording in a long time. IIRC, I grabbed that one with my BMG subscription some ten odd years ago.
  • That reminds me I saw another one with the Muse "lyre" that I meant to look at! Oh well, guess I gotta go back...

    The Michael Carvin album is fun - just straight ahead jazz with his (very young) road band of the early 90s, plus Claudio Roditi. Carvin apparently has been a very active teacher of drummers (and others) all these years.

    I hadn't seen that Don Byron album before, but it was an automatic buy at the price...Don is always up to something interesting.
  • @GP - Damn, I forgot to e-mail them about that sale. Too bad, looks like an awesome haul.

    @Doofy - DROOL!
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    Emusic sale: get double credit for each booster pack! (until end of September)
  • Thx BT, that is quite a good deal. Grabbed a quick $50 one, might go for another. Can't argue for ~$3.50 albums (or less).
  • Also thanks BT...I think I can use up $100 still.
  • Thanks, BT, looking gleefully at a $100+ balance. At the same time as being curious and nervous. (As in: why would emusic suddenly give us all (potentially a couple hundred thousand of us) up to $150 (is the limit three boosters in a month?) in free music when a ten dollar bonus would have tempted me? Presumably because they badly need an influx of cash. How can they afford to do it? Are they capable of tracking bonus dollars to albums purchased with them, and do the artists/labels then not get paid because it's a promotion, or are they swallowing a loss (in which case why try to get the dollars). Is this a harbinger of the apocalypse?)
  • Is this a harbinger of the apocalypse?
    I've asked this question too many times. EMu survives, barely, where so many have failed.

    As to why, my guess would be volume and subscribership: convincing distributors that eMu can pull in people and sell records. In the big scheme, this is like a 50% discount (after monthly fees), which would put the more expensive albums by major labels in line with sale prices at other sites.
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    which would put the more expensive albums by major labels in line with sale prices at other sites
    ...but which also means that I am looking at a couple of albums by Matthew Halsall that will come out at a dollar and change each. Amazing deal, and I'm in, but I'm wondering if he gets anything at all.
  • eMu used to have sales on booster packs quite often, usually around a holiday time. I am not sure any were this good, but that was about the only time I would grab one (or two).
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    Thanks, BT - it might have been days or more before I checked in there to use up the monthly. I can't remember for sure either what the holiday booster deal was - I recall gleefully buying a few each time though. I'm also figuring they need to put some cash/figures on the books. I see a bunch of those recently added Marmot import sets on my horizon and I have no problem with that.
    And hello, everybody - very distracted lately, not enough time for music. One is a good distraction - we have 2 ten week old kittens, brothers, racing around the house. Very cute when they're not doing wind-up toy, very funny when they are.
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    Tempting if a this is valid for a former member who could rejoin and buy one.

    Edit: yeah, Yoda used to have an eMusic membership, he did.
  • I bought 3 albums/box sets containing somewhere approaching 6 hours of mostly great music today from emusic and in real money it cost me about $13. Sure there are times to grumble about their prices, but this was a good day.
  • @choice - I haven't tried it yet, but signing into my inactive account allowed me to view the booster sale. It seems like you should be able to purchase them without having an active subscription. If not, I may start a trial account, get the $25 free and buy a booster pack. That would be good for 60-70% off.
  • Good idea, thom.
  • I looked to see if we have a booster sale, but I couldn't find it - if Brighternow, Lowlife or anyone else in Europe has found it do let me know, please.
  • @greg, it's on the front page here, so probably US only if you don't see it. To confirm, check the prices on the booster ordering page - here they reflect the sale and state that you get double.
  • Thanks GP, I'm sure it is only US. I looked at their message board earlier and there were complaints that even Canada did not have the offer. Given how little we pay in comparison it is perhaps no surprise.
  • Ayler Records is having a sale. Various levels, but it pretty much boils down to buy one CD, get one free.


    Here's a review of an Ayler Records recording that I really like...

  • Chvrches debut album is $5 on 7Digital
  • Have been going through the old, and in some cases pretty darn old, SFLs over at eMu, mulling over some acquisitions, like this - The Rounder Records Story, that without the 50% booster I would never contemplate. This and some other Rounder/New Rounder releases are looking more appealing suddenly, since some of these went up in price after re-introduction, and are not terribly long having been LP's originally. On the flip side, I was able to zap a bunch of stuff off the SFLs because if it don't look good at 50% off it just plain ain't gonna.
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