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    I received an email from Amazon this morning with a recommendation for this Roland Kirk 8 album compilation at an incredibly low price. There also seem to be lots of other jazz sets similarly priced. They are all on the Real Gone Jazz label, apparently a "public domain" company. Does anyone own any of these sets and have any comment on the sound quality? Poking around the internet you get quite a diversity of opinion (big surprise), but I trust you guys and gals. If the quality is any good, there are some real bargains to be had and gaps in my jazz collection that could be filled economically.
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    Hi Rudie,

    Surprised no one's taken you up on this yet. I have a number of these sets and would describe the quality as "good." Like you, I have used these sets to fill in gaps in my collection (mostly in jazz, but some R&B and rock - Gene Vincent, Bo Diddley).

    I label the CD"s as good because they are almost always decent quality - not as good as most of the re-mastered versions you might be able to find, though. OTOH, how many newer versions of some of these CD's would you find, let alone buy? The quality is never bad - some of the rare recordings available on the R&B CD's are pretty variable, but consider the source material. It's worth buying the Rahsaan CD to see for yourself - it's down on my list as I have 4 of the 8 CD's., but it's good value.
  • Thanks for the feedback bremble...looks like I'll need to do some shopping!
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    The new double album: Swans - To Be Kind (7digital, $6.99)

    (I know that's almost certainly photoshopped, but couldn't resist.)
  • From Twice Removed Records:
    Hi, just a quick message that I have put on a sale that ends on October 12 with 30% off everything on bandcamp with the code "Clear_out". Please help me alleviate space/limit my future landfill. Just go here to take advantage.
  • For the next 48 hours there is a 35% discount on everything at Twice Removed Records. Go here and use discount code "three" (without the quotation marks).
  • That's a missed opportunity to not use "thrice"
  • Google Play are offering 3 months of ad-free streaming for $3,

    I just came off a 3 month trial of Spotify Premium for $1, had about a week back on the free version and now just signed up for the Google play deal. So far, despite the extended exposure, it is not converting me to streaming as a main form of access, but I'll take 6 months for $4 as a useful way of checking things out.
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    Jacob the Liar by Becker is on sale for $1.99 today. Very worth reading if you have not read it. If you only know the dreadful Robin Williams remake of the excellent East German film version of the novel, the novel is better.

  • The fourth album by Petrels, Flailing Tomb, is free for an email/NYOP until the end of January.
  • Numero Group says they are "going out of the CD business." Older (not this year) CDs in stock for 5 bucks. Some of the "Good God" gospel collections didn't show up in stock at first, but were offered once I clicked on my cart.
  • I was going to pass this info onto a couple of friends,
    but I wanted to know where on their website that they say this.
    Could you point the way?

  • @rostasiThey announced it on Facebook, see below. There's no special sale page; the prices are just there.

    This weekend only, our entire pre-2017 CD inventory is on sale for $5 per disc. We are letting our entire CD catalog go out of print, and need your help to make it happen. This deal is only available at www.numerogroup.com. Don't be a fool.
  • Thanks! I wonder if they are keeping the other forms and continuing their subscription series or does this mean that they are going completely out of business soon.
  • My impression/hope is just that they mean no more CDs - only vinyl and digital.
  • More importantly, I am happy to announce Room40 has just finished its move into our new studio - Negative Space. Built earlier this year, the new studio and Room40 office is now completely operational and we couldn't be happier!
    To celebrate for the next 24 hours there's 50% off EVERYTHING AT THE ROOM40 EMPORIUM....just enter 50%forthewin at check out!

    Judging from when the email reached me I would guess this has about another 9 hours to run. LINK

  • One of the great experimental music labels, Erstwhile Records - nice sale on back catalog CDs:
  • Black Friday label sales:

    * Side one Dummy - 30% off:

    * New west records - ten days of sales in store:

    * Fat Possum - 30% off all items, including digital:

  • * Mpress records - 40% off entire store

    * Saddle Creek - Start off the holiday season right and take an extra 20% off any order over $40
    using coupon code: HOLIDAY2020 plus a $20 gift card on orders over $100**, now through 11/30!


  • * Polyvinyl Records - 50% digital releases

    and up to 70% on other items in the store.
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    Got excited for a minute because of the upcoming Anthology of American Folk Music reissue, but alas, preorders excluded

  • Downtown Music Gallery is doing a 25% off Tzadik releases in December:

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    W.E.R.F. Records just put up a CD bundle deal (10 cds for 30 euros).  They're calling it Bundle #1, so it's a pretty safe assumption that there will be more to come, and it might be a good idea to stay in touch with their BC page.  EDIT:  They must've added Bundles #2 & #3 right after I made my post!
    W.E.R.F. has been a pretty solid label over the years.  I've written about a handful of their albums.  They're not always jazz per se.  They're a label that I'm always pretty excited to hear what they're releasing next.  Off the top of my head, I'm not sure I recall any of the albums in that Bundle #1 pack, so I can't vouch for the music specifically.
    Here's what Bundle Pack #1 is comprised of:
    • Trio Grande - Signé
    • Brussels Jazz Orchestra - The September Sessions
    • Christoph Erbstösser Trio - Alma
    • Jazzisfaction - Open Questions
    • Ragini Trio - Ragini
    • Steven Delannoye Trio - Here Comes Tomorrow
    • Joe Fonda / Carlo Morena / Jeff Hirshfield - Step-in
    • Chris Joris / Bob Stewart - Rainbow Country
    • Ben Sluijs Quartet - True Nature
    • Jeroen Van Herzeele Quartet - DaMo

  • There's actually 3 bundles to consider.
    Thanks for the heads-up. Featured some tunes
    on the show at times. Interesting Belgian label.
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