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Common Sense
Help restore my faith in humanity by showing we all have some :-)
This is now hosted on a decent server (thanks Eythian) and it's going to be backed up regularly, but it's still all a bit new to me. If you post anything you don't want to risk vanishing in an unfortunate 'oops' moment sometime, I'd recommend keeping a copy somewhere yourself.
But then backing up is something that we computer users do all the time anyway, so I'm sure you don't need me to tell you again.</sarcasm>

Please don't post anything illegal or *too* offensive.

List of all users
You can either do a blank search with the 'users' button selected, or use the 'Member List' tab when logged in.

Name changing
I have to turn on the option, which then applies to everybody. This can be fun, but I don't think it's a good thing generally. If you know what you want to change to I can do it for you. Just email or post.

Feature requests
Post your suggestions/requests in the 'Suggestion Box'.
There are a lot of additional features (add-ons, extensions) available at the vanilla site ( Have a look if you have time, the assorted user comments are worth a scan through as well. They're mostly pretty easy to install, but some depend on others to work and some of the instructions start to sound like hard-core geekery, which I don't do.

Log-in problems
If you have trouble logging in, it might be a cookie/browser security issue. Possibly connected with the frame masking used to display '' instead of the free hosting address. This will hopefully be a non-issue very soon when the domain finishes its switch over to the new server. If there is a problem, the direct address is:

Pretty pictures
I'd like to keep this board relatively graphic-free, so no big sigs/avatars etc. Displaying images using BBCode links in comments is now activated, so let's see how we all get on with it.

BBCode is now enabled. Should be similar to what's available on eMusic's message board but with more options. I'll test assorted common tags (as found on Wikipedia) and post a list of what works.

Why no Preview?
There is a conflict between Preview and the member list. This is likely to be fixed through the magic of Open Source.

Contact me


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    BBCode - available tags. See next post for samples.

    [b]bold text[/b]

    [i]italicized text[/i]

    [u]underlined text[/u]




    [quote]quoted text[/quote]

    [code]monospaced text[/code]

    [size=15]Text size[/size]

    [color=red]Red Text[/color]

    [color=#FF0000]Red Text[/color]

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    bold text

    italicized text

    underlined text


    quoted text
    monospaced text

    Text Size 25
    Text Size 15
    Text Size 10
    Text Size 5 - size 5, I wouldn't recommend this.

    Red Text - using HTML color name

    Red Text - using hex code

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    Just a quick word about the 'whisper' feature here.

    It's a sort of private message system, put the user's name in the 'Whisper your comments to' box then post as usual.
    The result is a post in the same thread that is only visible to the recipient, yourself and Admins (but I won't read them, honest!).
    It displays in a different colour to the usual posts, as does your whispered reply.

    [edited by Dr. Mutex] Please note that none of the other admins have promised not to read whispers ;)
  • xtrev - do threads die?
  • No idea I'm afraid. Can't see why they would, I always assumed the emu boards were just broken rather than made that way.
    Had a quick google and didn't find anything about that happening, so hopefully all will be well.
  • At the moment xtrev has had to disable preview. If you want to test something out you can use I don't know how closely Vanilla follows the BBCode spec, but the commonly-used stuff seems to work.
  • LOL - I hardly ever use preview on any board. I just post and if it doesn't look right, I do a quick edit. Doesn't happen very often -- I guess because I have been using BBCode for several years now.
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    I need to have the preview functionality restored asap. People are posting all willy nilly, and I haven't been able to preview their posts before approving them for submission. Perhaps it would be best if we simply turned off posting functionality until my oversight role may be resumed. This seems like the only plausible recourse.
  • Can I change my username? I'd prefer to just use my name.

  • I can certainly look into that, sir. I suggest you use the whisper feature to tell me what new name you want, and we shal see what we shall see.
    All the other admins can see your whispers, so if I am not around, it won't matter that I don't know what I am doing. We shall help one another.
  • All done. Daytripper is now officially 'Kenny'.
    And the other Kenny is now 'Kenny (2)'.
  • I am glad at my confusion. OK.It will not matter 6 months from now.
  • Thanks for the help.

    Also, I don't know what whispering is.

    Also, the other Kenny might be me. I tried getting a new name, but got confused.
  • Yes, the other Kenny was you with a different email address.
    Whispering is a 'private' comment that only you and the named recipient (and we admins) can see.
  • All done. Daytripper is now officially 'Kenny'.
    And the other Kenny is now 'Kenny (2)'.

    All we need is one more and we'll have all the ingredients of a Threekenny Opera.

    Ba-da-dum. Thank you folks.
  • All we need is one more and we'll have all the ingredients of a Threekenny Opera.

    Ba-da-dum. Thank you folks.

    Almost two months gone by and not one damn lol. Sheesh, tough crowd.
  • Sheesh, tough crowd.
  • Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
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    Okay, I want to see what this does.
    see this being useful
    if I had
    a long list
    or something,
    and it gave me
    a scroll bar
    Totally lame.
    So so lame.
    I see.
    On AAJ, it does other things.
    Oh well.
    What a letdown.
    It's gonna be months before I find something to excite me again.
    Bored bored bored bored bored.
    If a mod
    wants to delete my post
    Please be my guest
    As it has served its purpose.
    I was going to add that it may rest in peace,
    But that made me sort of sad,
    So we'll just say it can live on
    in any form
  • Whispered Discussions.

    Okay, I understand what they are and see how they work now. My question is this...

    How am I supposed to be aware that they're happening?

    For instance, as far as I know, I've received two whispers. The first one, and I think I'm remembering this correctly, I saw that I had because it appeared on the side of my screen along with board options and a list of my recently created threads. Here's a copy paste of the left hand side of my screen.
    Start a new discussion

    Discussion Filters
    o Participated Discussions
    o Unanswered Discussions

    Your Discussions
    o Throwing Punches at the Hurricane: Jazz at Bandcamp
    o End My Pain: A Forum Q&A, for when Google just isn't good enough
    o I am Pitchfork
    o It Must Be Spring: Falling in love again with the Flaming Lips
    o Listen before it's gone (NPR, Spin, etc)
    o Show all

    Whispered Discussions

    And then directly underneath the Whispered Discussions header is my first (afaik) received whisper (and, no, I'm not gonna tell you what it was. It's PRIVATE, you nosy bastards. Focus on my question!). It has the first sentence of the whisper and if I click on it, then the string of whispers from that discussion shows up on my screen. Well, I just found another whisper directed at me, and it was in a thread, but it didn't show up in that sidebar, even after I replied. Why is that? And how many other whispers are out there that I don't know about? What if people are warning me about something critical to my ongoing life as music genius and leader? I've got to obtain that information. I've got to be able to track it. What the hell are my monthly emusers dues paying for anyways?!
  • You have sidebar that lists "Your Discussions" and "Whispered Discussions"!?! I do not have such a thing! What the hell!?!

  • If there is a new post in a thread, it should show up like any other "new Post" thread. You will know it is whispered by the color of the message. I don't remember, but I think it has a pink or yellow background. It may be that your whisper is one color, and the whispered response is the other color. I just don't recall, but it is the colored background that lets you know it was whispered.

    If you don't recognize that it was whispered, and you respond as if it were a normal post, everyone sees your response, and it won't always make sense because the rest of us can't see the post that was whispered to you.

    You have sidebar that lists "Your Discussions" and "Whispered Discussions"!?! I do not have such a thing! What the hell!?!
  • Ditto quote and what monthly dues???? You mean you have to pay to be here - I'd be worried if I was you Jonah, as the rest of us don't pay anything. Ah, it's what you have you have to pay to get the extra down the side.... I understand now
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    Go to Account tab at the top, then Forum Preferences on the left - the side bar options are there under Control Panel
  • Yeah, I found it Germonprof, but thanks!

    greg - Don't you remember the discussion about dues when we agreed we'd "all" pay them? You remember that...right?

  • No - I'm fairly new here, must still be my first free year ....
  • amclark2 wins the free Sizzler gift card...

    The difference in where the whispers appear is determined by whether the whisper is executed directly on an existing thread vs. a non-thread whisper.

    Bravo! That was the kind of shit that would drive me batty til I figured it out.
  • Well, I keep quitting and then Emusers offers me a free month trial offer - I'm sure that it'll end soon but as long as I can take advantage of the deal it'll be fine.
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