Post your inside tips and mispriced box sets right here

As a public service to those of us who have to coexist with the real world you folks who have time to sift through the new releases might consider pointing us to the good stuff.

Personally I am looking for classic jazz and a big mispriced box set of Erykah Badu (with or without panties)

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  • I was told there would be mispriced box sets

    come on there's got to be some screw ups in there someplace
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    Sorry. Seeing nothing.
  • Not sure that it's "mis-priced, but the Codona Trilogy (3 Album Set) is $13.10, which seems to be the "normal" double-CD price. The ECM's I have looked at have single tracks at .49 (under 10 minutes), with album pricing at $6.49 a single and $13.10 for a double. I've seen $5.99 album pricing on some CD's that have album only tracks.

    Sargasso Sea has 8 non-long tracks - it's $3.92.

    Tubin's Synphonies 4 & 9 by Jarvi on BIS is 8 tracks for $3.43. On this BIS there is no album pricing for 3 long tracks (of 7).
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    I don't know if this (Allen Toussaint - The Complete Warner Bros Recordings) would count as a mis-price or a deal or what. According to my notes it was 24 credits. It is currently $11.10, sounds like a better bargain for most people at the $ price-point vs. the previous credit price-point.

    Oh... I just checked 'booster' packs (a little something-something if you purchase $10 or larger):
    Price Bonus Total Credit
    Booster Pack $5.00 $0.00 $5.00
    Booster Pack $10.00 $0.50 $10.50
    Booster Pack $15.00 $1.00 $16.00
    Booster Pack $20.00 $2.00 $22.00
    Booster Pack $25.00 $3.00 $28.00
    Booster Pack $30.00 $4.00 $34.00
  • Blah, everything's 6 bucks. A few bargains to be had on albums with no long tracks. I will say that's not a bad price on longer compilations, etc...essentially the same as the old 12-credit album price.
  • The Allen Toussaint box is bargain priced elsewhere too, though it's a great set and certainly worth $11. That one reminded me to check pricing on this Crazy Horse box, which is another Rhino reissue. Two discs, so $9 is a decent price, but the single tracks from their debut album are priced at $0.79 and the bonus tracks are $0.49, even though the debut is almost 30 years old and it won't be showing up on anybody's list of top sellers. Obviously, age and popularity are not the only things driving the pricing decisions for individual tracks.
  • I'm not finding bargains, and I'm not finding much in the way of Chess box sets I was hoping for - the Complete Chuck Berry is no bargain, $thirty something I think. I can be thankful for the 2 day delay because all those tracks I cherry picked from the Hendrix West Coast Seattle Boy @.50 each on booster are now 0.79 each. That box is only for fans/fanatics by the way - yes, I am but even I don't need all of it.
  • Well..there is no down side to having all of Impulse, ECM, and Verve for a top price of 6.49 per disc. Many quite a bit less.

    There is a big down side to having lost Fantasy/Prestige, or whatever chunk of Fantasy it is we have lost. Wish I'd had even an inkling that was going to be happening...
  • just saw that seconds ago! yeah, that's an amazing price.
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    Watch out for albums with Unavailable Tracks - see my post about this - I got jacked for over $20 instead of $5.99 because I think the robot monster did me on a per track basis instead of album pricing. I've had this in SFL since last year because it didn't have an album price because of that one Unavailable track, and I thought here's my opportunity to get those 69 available tracks for a decent price finally - NOT. So just be careful out there. It was Rockin' Blues Christmas by the way.

    Watch out also for Born To Hustle - a great 2 disc R&B set, but it too has an Unavailable Track, didn't get album priced as a result, and has also been in my SFL waiting for the world to change.
  • BigD, you will surely get credited back for that.

    Now look out...I got to drop a bomb on you.
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    Bill Monroe Bean Blossom - 27 tracks, $7.79

    I will probably buy this one. Love me some really good, old-timey bluegrass.

    What a quaint little place is Bean Blossom. Lo, those many years ago when I was a student at I.U. before the Festival was started, we used to drive that curvy, narrow road through Bean Blossom. Main thing I remember about it -- good place to stop for freshly made sorghum molasses in the fall. Yes, the mules were working, in the middle of the field. No parking lot, so people pulled off the side of the road to watch it being made and to buy a couple of jars.
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    kool dj dust's the disco opera, which i've wanted for years, went down in price. it was 19 credits (which, even assuming a .40/track price worked out to $7.60). it is now $5.99.
  • Who was it that didn't want his daughter to see the Glee Christmas album? Well, don't tell her about the Glee Cast songs that dropped today.

    I must be an anomaly. I'm the only person I know who hasn't seen even one episode of Glee.
  • i've never seen glee.
  • other shows i've never seen (at least not one full episode): survivor; american idol; ER; CSI; the office; 30 rock.
  • I saw one season of Survivor because it had a person from Indianapolis. No desire to see it again. One season of America Idol - the last one, and it may well be the last one. ER, CSI, The Office, 30 Rock - haven't watched any of these.

    I have, however, seen every episode of Human Target. Totally unrealistic, but I enjoy it.
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    OK folks, regarding that Unavailable track nonsense, eMu refunded me the excess charges, yes already - I have to admit surprise- and apparently I can blame my obsolete work computer - it is a PITA - for this hullabaloo.
    Good news - I just successfully purchased this gem for the advertised price - Born To Hustle - a very tasty jump/R&B 2 disc I've been waiting a year and a half to get at Album Pricing instead of 48 credits - yes, it too had one of those pesky Unavailable tracks.

    And this bad boy was the source of all the commotion - Rockin' Blues Christmas - 69 tracks of holiday wackness at $5.99. Merry Christmas. Includes The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Beeg by Mel Blanc, yes, that Mel Blanc.

    Edit, Friday - Am listening to some of this Rockin' Blues Christmas on the laptop here at work and I'm loving it.

    I cannot figure why that first link is weird but it works -sorry. had a space after = -Mutex
  • Your link is weird because you have a closing bracket just before the http. Get rid of that bracket and add open bracket slash url close bracket after the title of the album.
  • I know, but it looks right in the initial box, like the normal link. Stinking gremlins again.
  • The Strut label is now album priced which makes it a better deal for a lot of their albums.
    Next Stop ... Soweto - Township Sounds From The Golden Age Of Mbaqangwa
    Nigeria 70 - Lagos Jump

    Quarterstick and Touch And Go are now album priced too with some deals to be had.
    The Black Light by Calexico
  • yeah, the impact of the new price-structure on some of the titles from the premier reissue labels has been v. good.
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    My favorite Christmas album is finally here (won't be buying it because I have both the vinyl from long, long ago, and the CD)

    Verve, 2004, Ramsey Lewis - [url-]Sound of Christmas[/url]

    Another one here, 1989 Geffen, a few seconds longer: Ramsey Lewis Trio - Sound of Christmas
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    Another of my quirky favorites: T-Bone Burnett, and not what you would expect from him. I wore out a tape, finally found it on CD a few years ago. I was turned on to this one by a couple of guys from Nashville who were involved with the music business at the time.
  • Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam
    This one got many plays on the CD player in my car in the early 90s. It just sort of went along with driving.
  • Psst. What price are you seeing on this?
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    Doofy has a winner! That's a great set, listened to that on lala. That might actually call for a booster.

    EDIT: ...aaaand, done. Definitely worth it, thx Doofy! I regretted not grabbing that on the original mispricing after I had listened to it (and it had been fixed).
  • Wouldn't it figure? I checked several of the other things from the other time, this seems to be the only one.
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