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  • Coming Soon From Tromo Pictures......Lawyers of the Dead - You Queue 'Em, We Sue 'Em.
  • Just to revisit - or visit, I don't recall if it came up here - the monster Der Ring Des Nibelungen by Hans Knappertbusch and the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra available at eMu for $5.99 - 15 hours - but marred by having the last 8 minutes missing. A multivolume series of the same provenance is now available and if you DL the last track #13 from this release Volume 13/13 for $0.49 you will get that last 8:41. Total expenditure $6.48.
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    100 Vocal And Jazz Classics - there are 12 volumes ranging from 1921 to 1941, all appear to be $4.40. Just stumbled across these and it's too damn late, but this is a lot to consider. It is a regular cavalcade of stars.
  • Some on the eMu messboard posts this probable mistake: New SFJazz Collective Stevie Wonder Tribute, 2 disks, $4.40. I believe the applicable term is, "Yoink."
  • is $5.10 now, still a great deal. I noticed the time on both "cds" are over 80 minutes.
  • It is actually a 3-disc set. Incredible bargain, started listening last night. Highly recommend
  • It's up to $10.20 today - guess someone from the management actually reads their own MB. Loose lips sink ships.
  • Doubt it's a misprice, but surprised to see the new Miles "Bootleg Series" set at $15
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    That Miles is $19.99 at Amazon and 7dig, so if eMu is following it's theoretical policy of being 25% less, then it is correct.
    Nice to see that after 3 days of zilch they have new releases again.
  • Hello, I'm bumping this to make it easier to access regarding that country thread. On page 3 there's the 87 honky Tonk link which album eMu still has, and further down several JSP box sets of Flatt & Scruggs and Bill Monroe for bluegrass.
  • Would you believe 24 discs, 28+ hours, for $17.98? Bellini. V.:Operas(Complete). No reviews on Amazon. They want $143 for this on eMu. There's a multitude of artists, including Callas on La Sonnambula, and Cabelle on Norma. Not a body of work I'm that familiar with but this body's priced pretty nicely.
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    Jordi Savall's complete recordings of Marin Marais for basse de viole. $5.10 for 4+ hours of music.
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    Sweet - I have $5.51 I've been looking for a home for - I'll check it out tonight.

    EDIT - This is good stuff, BT - thank you.
  • £36 here on emusic. If you can get it at that price grab it before they change it!
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    Hey, kids,if you fancy BT's rec there I'd say move on it ASAP just because some dolt had to make a comment about the price on the album page - Doh! Loose lips sink ships. Don't people learn their history anymore?

    Greg, did you check 7digital BTW? It's $8.99 at the US site.
  • Following up on Jonah's discover:
    Which contains Charles Mingus presents Charles Mingus, Mingus, and Newport Rebels albums plus bonus tracks.
  • Thanks, jonahpwll, what I heard of those jazz sets was very nice - must warn the downloading was a little wonky - had to re-try the albums, which eventually worked on the Red Garland, but the Felsted I had to re-try the tracks individually, and 2 long album only tracks near the end won't re-download - have to take it up with CS later if they still aren't good. Heck of a deal though.
    That Mingus went on the SFL earlier in the week, too.
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    I'm curious - are the recommended albums on this page for others also showing Radio Rothko by Deadbeat? It's such a bizarre mismatch that I am wondering if those recommended albums are based at all on the album page or if they are some smoking remnant of recommendations based on my previous downloads (I do have Deadbeat albums).

    ETA, scratch that - I went to the page again and there's a completely different set of recommended albums. Seems pretty random.

    ETA2, no it's definitely showing me things based on past purchases, not on the album on that page. That seems to me largely a bad thing in that particular location - it means there's no way to find other albums like this one.
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    Hey, did anyone else who downloaded The Complete Felsted Mainstream Collection (see above) have trouble getting the tracks Bird Of Prey Blues and Cue's Blue Now to download successfully? Not coincidentally, although they are not Album Only, they are the only tracks over 10 minutes. They still show as orange Retry buttons for me, but the cursor will not form the hand when I dwell over them and I can't click them. I e-mailed CS several days ago and they have credited me the whole $5.84 (the second album I have received the entire album cost refunded for a defective track since the redesign - why the sudden generosity?), but I am just curious if anyone else had a problem.

    DOH! Edit - Here's the text of their explanation regarding these tracks in case anyone else is having similar issues -
    We are experiencing problems with album only tracks that are in Pending status. You may notice that the save and Retry buttons shift when you attempt to click on them. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

    For now, you will need to repurchase the Album. We've credited your account accordingly so that you can do so.

    Of course they aren't showing as Album Only when I look at this page without being logged in - did I read somewhere that this changes when you log in? I'm deja vuing here.
    Also I'm reluctant to throw my hard won $5.84 at a re-buy when I don't know the same thing won't happen again. Might just wait on that.
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    Yes, the price does seem to change dependent on your login status. Or at least, it was last week. I don't know if anything has changed with that since then.
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    Hm. Think I'll go listen to some Thelonious Mink, or possibly Miles Darvis.
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    What's wrong with this picture? 10 discs, 111 tracks, 688 minutes, $5.84.
    Beethoven:The Complete 32 Piano Sonatas On Period Instruments by Malcolm Bilson, et alia. Why are there only 2 stars in the review score? So annoying not to have a number stat. Would seem like a no-brainer DL. Am I wrong? (My obsolete work laptop can't play any samples).

    Incidentally, it caught my eye because for some reason it is the number one Most Downloaded in Freshly Ripped right now.
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    @BigD - there are a few (mixed) reviews of what looks like some of the same material here
  • Saweet!!! Something was actually fixed at eMu. I refer to the 2 tracks Bird Of Prey Blues and Cue's Blue Now from the still bodaciously priced The Complete Felsted Mainstream Collection referenced up above. I initially could not get anything but Download Errors on those tracks, and as above, got refunded the whole $5.84 by CS after bitching about it, and was not about to repurchase the whole thing at that time. Today I noticed that the Retry buttons on those 2 songs (previously unresponsive) formed the little white hand and downloaded when clicked - far out. Got the whole puppy, and for my time and aggravation, for free. Small justice prevails. Anyone else who had similar problems should revisit whatever pages were involved - CS said they were having problems with Album Only tracks (this was not long after the redesign), so they seem to have fixed it.
  • Also reminded of the Red Garland set on the same label, too lazy to link right now. I probably have many of these already, but...
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    You mean the Red Garland on this page dated Dec.9th? Also a good get.
  • Have we missed this Sonny Rollins set: Live in Europe 1959--190 minutes, $5.84, on Solar?
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    Hmm, looks like that one snuck in about a week before the Complete Felsted Mainstream and Red Garland up above, so I'm guessing during the height of the redesign dysfunction. It is that label's most downloaded.
    Both of those other collections I have no problem with - now that I have all the tracks that is.
    So who's this Ruby Braff cat? Decent deal also on Solar - The Complete Bethlehem Recordings, but I don't know this guy, although I see he has some interesting collaborators on various albums including George Barnes and Howard Alden (Yeah, I know - always with the guitar players).
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    Does anyone know anything about this album? I'm a fan of Sonny Criss, but I wonder if this is a good collection. It's $4.40 on emu, $8.99 on Amazon and 7digital, and $9.99 on Itunes.
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