Another Garden Experiment

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Well, It's time once again to start another garden experiment. As my wife reminded me recently, it's all about keeping it brief. So, i'll try to do my best. I've gone through my SFL and picked out what I wanted and now I'm itching to get into the garden.

I'm looking for inspiration for this years experiment. I'd like you (everybody) to provide at least 1 (one) track to inspire this year's garden. There's no limit on suggestions and I'll try my best to download them if they are available to me.

Garden Facts.
Zone 3b (with a few microclimates), approx.- 53.5472° N, 113.5006° W (the one with all the corn growing up along the driveway, enjoying a slow melt right now with snow still layered up from about 3' (1m) to well over 6' (2m)...(give or take)

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


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    let's start with a classic:

    Les Haricots Sont Pas Sal
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    I Can Hear The Grass Grow - Flowers In The Rain - Blackberry Way
    The Move

    ETA: Not in any way related. Just a lovely song that popped up in my Head:
    Dalek I love you - Africa Express
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    Some small delicate things to slow you down:

    Devils and Daffodils by beta2agonist from the album Autumn Perdue
    Grass by Christopher Hipgrave from the album Day
    Dust in the Air by Lights Dim from the album Deep Summer (free on bandcamp)

    ETA: and I was just listening to Considering the Snail by Jan Garbarek from Paths, Prints
  • Well, I should mention that I've posted the experiment over at that other site and I'll be including the suggestions from there also.
    There's one change to the experiment I should point out. My wife's not too keen on what she calls my iceberg cracking "music?" (her question), so it's unlikely that the full experiment will get played for the Canada day party.

    At any rate, thanks for the suggestions

    @Bad Thoughts

    I couldn't find the Clifton Chenier track so I opted to replace it with a version from this album.
    Les Fr
  • @confused, UK link and US link to Devils and Daffodils.
  • @confused: Pick any version you like. That Willie Smith album is incredible. And I believe that Stan Rogers is kosher for Canada Day.
  • Here's what has also been suggested over there.

    Emanuele Errante - Humus

    Chet Atkins
    Tip Toe Through The Tulips

    Duke Ellington
    Single Petal of a Rose

    John Kirby
    Royal Garden Blues (07-28-39)

    Lars Gullin
    Primula Veris, Laburnum Vulgare, Lotus Corniculatus
  • Well, here's a few more suggestions

    Dinah Washington
    Blue Gardenia

    Big Bill Broonzy
    Diggin' My Potatoes

    Roosevelt Sykes
    Set The Meat Outdoors

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    Well, I'm picking this Henry Cow set I dropped into my garden playlist sometime this winter.
    Goteborg 1 - Lindsay Cooper (3 tracks)
    Thanks for the reminder bn

    I'm also re-adding some old favourites of mine. I'm still very thankful to amclark2 for this suggestion. You couldn't imagine how much fun I had as a lad playing with the dial on my oldest brother's short wave radio.
    Maja S.K. Ratkje & Lasse Marhaug
    Music For Gardening
    This album always make me think of our kitties Ouchy & Tyrone and a pretty special little three legged dog. Gone, but.....

    And lastly thanks once again for the free links.
    Selaxon Lutberg & Subinterior
    Spring Meeting Denovali Records - April & Prayer behind the sun (emusic)
    As winter drones on into spring, Another 10 to 15cm of wet spring snow forecast for the weekend.

  • Michael_Chapman__The_Woodpiles_-_NATCH_7_-_2012081324915435.jpg?width=290&height=290

    Michael Chapman and the Woodpiles - Natch 7

    Part of the Natch series at FMA, this one is really, really good; featuring a Titanic song which is short and simple, but I think rivals Bob Dylan's recent Titanic song, as great as that is. A great little collection and it's free! I'm going to add this to Confused's garden thread too, because I can't imagine stuff not growing to this.
  • Escarpment by No Age, off Weirdo Rippers is a perfect noisy little instrumental that sounds like the sun rising, and while we're on the sun, see if you can find Sun is Shining by Bob Marley and the Wailers.
  • One of my favourite Sun tracks is Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles - it always makes me think of early summer!
  • I'm not seeing the Dukes of Stratosphear's Mole From the Ministry on any of your lists... I should think you'd want that at the very minimum.

    Also, if you're growing vegetables (as opposed to flowers or, say, fruit) you might want to have a listen to The Chopping Song by a band called Madame Blavatsky Overdrive, two members of which used to be in a band called the Spent Poets.
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  • Well, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the NATCH series. We haven't had any kinda gardening weather around here but it's sure been great for music hunting. I'm having a blast, so as I'm still embracing random things might be out of order. I've included some pretty fancy link work here, putting in a few free connections and some youtube links.

    Here's what I've added to the experiment

    NATCH 7

    This was a lot of fun to listen to and it was free. Can't ask for more than that. It had me going to the basement and looking through the vinyl. In addition I'm adding

    Barbara Dane
    Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)
    I think the first version I heard was on a Cisco Houston album my oldest brother had and in that spirit I'm adding this version.

    Goodwill Cowboys Ride Again
    Michael Chapman - Leaving The Apple

    Barefoot Jerry - Watchin` TV (With The Radio On)

    Goose Creek Symphony - Talk About Goose Creek And Other Important Places, Charlie's Tune

    Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie (Live)

    Mickey Newbury - Just Dropped In
    One of my favourite whistlers.

    It'll be a lot of fun to see where the needle drops.

    NATCH 1
    Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn
    Right back at the begin. Sally in the Garden Sifting Sand is a must and it's free.

    NATCH 2
    Dave Shuford, Margot Bianca and Pigeons - Grief and Pine, & Dickel's Dream will fit right in.

    NATCH 3
    Aaron Moore and Carter Thornton - Silence Is What We're Made For
    Made me think of Andy.

    NATCH 4
    Pat Murano and Tom Carter - Emir of Hamadan

    NATCH 5
    Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon and Ethan Schmid - Memory loss, Trees Don't Sleep, Love in Vain
    I forgot what I was saying.

    NATCH 6
    Michael Evans and David Nuss - Dancing Stars

    NATCH 8
    Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt - 1&2
    Terrific! ....Thanks again for some great vibrations.
    Kez, if you're visiting here, I think there's quite a few tracks from the series that you'll find interesting.

    Oops! I forgot i'd added these

    Mark Hollis
    The Colour Of Spring
    One of those voices I can't get enough of.

    Talk Talk
    April 5th

    Talk Talk
    New Grass

    Talk Talk
    The Rainbow, Eden, Desire

    & this one.

    Philip Jeck, Otomo Yoshihide And Martin T
  • Well, it's about time for an update. I've finally moved the experiment into it's hi-tech phase. I was checking out the garden dept at the depot (home variety) and I came across a wireless speaker that i can play outdoors through the computer. I've never owned one of those ipods nor can I stand listening through headphones for very long and those earbuds are definitely out, so this is working out perfectly. Not only can I hear it mostly everywhere in the yard but the blue led power light acts as a lantern as I make my way around the garden before the sun comes up. On top of all that, it's way lighter than the old boombox and has made for a truly enjoyable spring.

    here's what i've added-

    Mr. & Mrs. Compost, The Ephemeral Bluebell & Thatched

    Jimmy LaFave
    Red River Shore

    Jimmy LaFave

    Jimmy LaFave
    When it Starts to Rain

    Bob Dylan
    Red River Shore

    Waddie Mitchell
    Red River Valley
    Man! I love those cowboy songs.

    Bob Wiseman
    Diary Of A US Crop-Dusting Pilot Spraying The Defoliant Tebuthiuron (Spike) On Coca Plantations In The Upper Huallaga Valley (Peru)
    A much different valley

    Elvis Perkins
    May Day

    Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson
    The May Day Psalter

    Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner

    The Texas Tornadoes
    The Gardens

    The Style Council
    The Gardener Of Eden

    The Minus 5
    The Family Gardener

    Chuck Prophet
    Kmart Family Portrait

    Kenny Rankin
    Killed a Cat
    One of the saddest songs i know.

    Breathe Owl Breathe
    Kids + Cats


    Pat MacDonald
    just a star

    The White Birch

    It's been a terrific spring. The Lady Slippers just poked their noses through the soil today, so all's right in my world. Still looking for suggestions to make it better.
  • Well, I've been keeping pretty busy in the garden, but I'm always happy to get a suggestion. I'll see if i can work my way back to where I ended?

    Lost Trail - Pages From The Alamance Hymnal, 2011-2013
    From The Sky To The Center

    Dan Deacon - America
    USA I, II, III & IV - Guilford Avenue Bridge

    Michael Chapman - The Resurrection and Revenge Of the Clayton Peacock

    subtractiveLAD - The Language of Flowers

    Pierre Jodlowski - : Drones; Barbarismes; Dialog/No Dialog
    Barbarismes - Pour ensemble et
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    Well, I just can't help but think about the rain. This June's been the rainiest. Folks are flooding out in southern alberta. I lived in Calgary for 45 yrs before a butterfly returned me home to Edmonton and i can't recall any times as serious as these. Here I'm worrying about it being too wet for the ghords to germinate and my sons are looking at dealing with all the implications that come with evacuations. I'll be thinking some good thoughts for them.

    Little Charlie & The Nightcats

    Bill Nelson
    Queer Weather

    Joe Louis Walker
    Rain On My Mind

    Eighty Mile Beach
    Inclement Weather

    Vic Chesnutt
    Rambunctious Cloud

    Hüsker Dü
    Standing In The Rain

    Martin Sexton
    Caught in the Rain

    Hawksley Workman
    No Stillness and No Rain

    Henry Kaiser
    The Stormy Present

    Ride The Lightning

    Here's hoping you all think good thoughs.

    Ps. Here's to good thoughts too!
  • Well, I haven't stopped looking for tunes for the garden and I've added a bunch. Here's today's additions.

    I love those butterflies.

    It's raining like crazy. Storm warnings!
    Strike Like Lightning

    It's happening, Great big hail, thrown around the yard in great windy gusts making the corn bow down in it's might.
    Night Ash Black (Bill Laswell - 'Slow Black Underground River' Mix)

    It's all over
    Gardening, Not Architecture

    I hope you'll join me in the garden.

    ps -always
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    Edward Ka?-Spel - A New Dawn followed by RyN - Personagrata ?

    - The last is not garden related, but it's such a lovely track.
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    Well, here it is raining again, so another chance to add some more test data to the experiment and do some exploring. Thanks to Brighternow for these suggestions...

    Edward Ka-Spel - A New Dawn
    RyN - Personagrata

    ETA - This may be a part of the experiment, or not.
  • The Garden Feature by the Bevis Frond
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    Well, this afternoon we're having an open garden for our neighbourhood & i was hoping to do a little touch up beforehand, but it's raining again. Mind you, I guess i'm always touching up. I see something glittering and head for it, knowing I'll retrace my steps sooner or later. A lot of the corn is about a half meter tall now but there's a bunch that are just getting underway due to poor seed, that rabbit, cutworms or the odd chance that I forgot to stick the seed in before I patted over. The last hail storm only knocked out a couple so I'm pretty fortunate. The cabbage and kale got hit pretty bad with root maggots until I taught them what for. The Lady Slippers never budded but it is their first year (a gift from last year's Canada Day party) and I'm hopeful they're just setting up some good roots.

    I've added these


    Glory Bound (Red Snapper Edit Mix)

    Sunset - For The Control Of The Heart

    Caught Without An Umbrella

    The Garden Feature

    The Garden Gate & Confusion Days

    Thanks to Lowlife for the suggestion
  • I've been meaning to post some garden-themed songs for your experiment for months now. I got sidetracked because you inspired me to make my own garden mix and I got pretty wrapped up in that, but I got it finished and thought I'd let you know the tracks I used for it. It ended up being a 'theme within a theme' mix - a gardening theme with a secondary theme of lost love woven through it.

    Grow - by Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer (this is from an excellent 2012 album that should have been on my 'best-of 2012' list! Amazing album and artist).
    Wisteria - by Richard Shindell
    The Old Garden Gate - by June Tabor
    The Little Garden - by Erin Bode
    Little Flowers - by Denison Witmer
    In My Prime - by Niamh Parsons
    Down by the Salley Gardens - by Maura O'Connell
    Hearts & Flowers - by John Moreland (one of my new artist discoveries for the year). He is a a must-listen for Americana fans.) This track is from the 2011 album, 'Earthbound Blues.' If you like Americana with a kind of Springsteen flavor to it, you'll love his 2012 album, 'In the Throes.'
    Winter Flowers - by Martha Tilston
    When it Starts to Rain - by Jimmy LaFave (have had this one for years, but had forgotten about it til I saw this track listed in your thread. Beautiful.)
    Spring - Richard Shindell
    The Briar and the Rose - The Once (another one I got from your thread).
    Lord Duneagle - by Nuala Kennedy (follows the theme of the previous song very nicely).

    Then there was another direction I originally wanted the mix to go, but I never could get the flow of songs right so I ended up changing it to the above. Originally, though, the mix was going to be themed around the gardening year, kind of a journey in time through the different seasons:

    Woodstock - by More Than a Song (More Than a Song is a collective made up of Iain Matthews, Eliza Gilkyson, and Ed Vanderveen. This is a great re-work of the classic oldies song.)
    The Garden - Ruth Moody
    Springtime - Jess Klein (I do love this song!)
    The Beauty Way - Eliza Gilkyson
    Paint My Life - Shel (because spring is aburst with color)
    Bright as Yellow - The Innocence Mission
    House of Gold - Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott
    Blue Forever - Matthew Barber
    Every Shade of Red - Chris O'Brien
    Orange Blossoms - JJ Grey & Mofro
    Daffodils - Nathan
    Dig Down Deep - Vandaveer
    Digging a Hole - The Chapin Sisters
    Rainsong - Chadwick Stokes
    I Can See the Pines are Dancing - by AA Bondy (I'm thinking mugo pines here)
    Magic Summertime - Eleni Mandell
    Veronica - by Mathias Holmgren
    Evening in June - Van Morrisson
    Mississippi Summer - June Tabor & The Oysterband
    Sweet William, Pt. 2 - by Johnny Flynn
    Juniper - by All the Wiles
    Heat Index - Michael Chapman (from Natch 7 - thanks!)
    Dry Spell - by Hazmat Modine (lamenting the horrors of personal experience of trying to garden in 100+F-degree temps in a drought last year - I know you're having the opposite problem!)
    Seasons - Burlap to Cashmere
    Appalachian Melody - by Mark Heard (one of the most beautiful songs contemplating the wonder of autumn)
    Autumn This Year - by Steve Forbert
    Revolution - by David Olney (the most entertaining and clever account of the seasons I've ever heard)
    Winter Flowers - by Martha Tilston

    Anyway, just some more food for thought for your garden experiment.
  • Well, a big thanks for your additions to this year's experiment. I've been mostly using the old imac for the experiment on a random basis, but i really enjoy listening to a set when i'm not moving around too much. I'll certainly set aside some time to listen to them in that order as i come across them (some I don't have far to look).

  • Well, I've rounded up the first set, so time to give it a spin before I head out to hunt down some slugs that have been messing with the cabbage. Here's the artwork to accompany your set.



    The Old Garden Gate

    The Little Garden

    Little Flowers

    In My Prime

    Down By the Salley Gardens

    Hearts & Flowers

    Winter Flowers

    When It Starts to Rain


    The Briar And The Rose

    Lord Duneagle

    Thanks again.
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    Thanks, I managed to get them all mostly. Here's some art work for fun.

    Well, you had me heading for the vinyl to look up some old friends. Ian Matthews (then) was a big part of my 70's. I first found him through Matthews Southern Comfort, which made me search out the old Ians
    kinda lost him as the 80's wore on and now right up to the new Iains. I still love that voice.



    The Garden


    Beauty Way

    Paint My Life

    Bright As Yellow

    House of Gold

    Blue Forever

    Every Shade of Red

    Orange Blossoms


    Dig Down Deep

    Digging A Hole


    I Can See The Pines Are Dancing

    Magic Summertime


    Mississippi Summer

    Sweet William Part 2

    Juniper (feat. Jared Klok, Katie Baggs, Ben Rigby, Jake Nicoll & Ben Nicoll

    Heat Index

    Dry Spell


    Appalachian Melody

    Autumn This Year


    Winter Flowers

    Thanks again for introducing me to some real interesting folks. I certainly have to get to know Martha better.


    ps it played here on lastfm, not sure what's playing now.
  • @Confused, glad you enjoyed your nostalgic trip with Iain Matthews and friends! Do you have La Terre Commune, his collaboration with Elliott Murphy? I happened upon it in the bargain bin of a used CD store years ago and it turned out to be one of my best bargains. I think it's quite good. Emusic has it.
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