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I have decided that I wanted to start a podcast of general (mostly rock) music. I'll have some special podcasts of specific music (jazz, etc.) as well. My hope is to have one new hour-long podcast coming out each week, with a second podcasts if I have something special that I want to do. I've actually put together the first 10 general podcasts plus I've done two jazz podcasts that may be released in the coming weeks.

Please listen and make comments if you'd like. The podcasts are available at my website, http://www.brennick.net. Thank you for your attention.


  • I don't have the attention span for music podcasts (my mind is likely to wander), but I did skip around to hear your delivery, etc. The only time you don't sound confident is when you are apologizing for a lack of confidence. Trust that you'll be able to edit out mental pauses and everything should be fine. Sound quality is great. I'll give it more attention when the jazz-casts are up.

    Great work and good luck.
  • I've put my 2nd podcast up this morning. Hope you get a chance to listen to it. I'll be adding the first "jazzcast" sometime during the week as an extra podcast, focusing on 2014 releases.
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    Hey - In addition to my weekly podcasts I will occasionally put up a special podcast. The first one of those has been uploaded to my website - brennick.net . It's a jazz podcast of music released in 2014. I especially like Cordame - it's among the best releases of 2014. Please head over and give a listen.
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    I've uploadded my new podcast at brennick.net . On this week's show we start with Los Lobos and end with the Clash. We’ll find out what’s obvious and one reason why I love the Smithereens.Thanks for tuning in. DOn't forget the other podcasts that have already been posted.
  • I understand how we typically hate hearing our own voices on a recorded medium, but not for nothing, you've got a solid NPR type of voice. You can lay that whole worry to rest.

    I like how you've got some of the background on setting the podcast up in a post. I've done that from time to time on my own site, and I've actually got a blog post almost ready to go about all the things I ran into setting my own site up and then things I'd like to do different... sort of a commiserate all ye fellow bloggers type of article (sans ye-s).

    Thanks for the shout-out on the jazz one, but even happier that you're enjoying some of the same albums that I really enjoy, and most happy that you're out spreading the word.

  • I have the firm intention of listening to the jazz one...been super busy lately.
  • This week's podcast has been uploaded and is ready for listening. In today's show, we start with one of the break out bands of 2014. We then dip into the 1960's before apologizing for what we might have done. The next set features a Rolling Stones' cover and we get psychedelic in our final set. Later this week I may post the second speacial jazz podcast.
  • I've posted a second Jazz Podcast to my website brennick.net. While the first jazzcast focused on new music, this one has music from 1947 to 1961. It's more of a Jazz 101 type pod, as some of the songs are considered classics. We start with Stan Getz (pre-Bossa Nova phase), slide into Clifford Brown, then get a classic Oliver Nelson tune that is followed by Cannonball Adderley. The final set has Mingus, Monk and Bill Evans. Beautiful music. Thank you for tuning in.
  • The newest edition of the regular PB Podcast has been published to brennick.net.We have loving, laughter, crying and other emotional outlets for today's show. As always, please leave comments about the show - maybe you have a suggestion for am actual name for the podcast- should I try to have a regular opening to the podcast? Answer these questions on the comments. Meanwhile, listen to another great hour of music. Thank you for listening.
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    It's early Sunday morning, which means that it's time to post the newest PB Podcast. On this week’s show we’ll get a sense for summer, but after we listen to a variety of other music, including reggae, African soul, and an old idea for the World Cup. As always, enjoy the show and leave a comment on brennick.net. Thank you.
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    The latest edition of the PB Podcast has been published to brennick.net. We start out real fast today, as I felt the need for speed, but then we work on slowing down, finishing with what I call an "adult set" of tunes. Enjoy and leave comments please.
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    I've posted a new podcast to my website brennick.net. Today's podcast looks at the first 6 months of the year as I play some of my favorite releases from 2014. I've read and listened to other 1/2 year wrap-ups, and while I occasionally see one of the releases that I love, I haven't seen all of them - this is my corrective.
    So, sit back and listen to an hour's worth of great music from Real Estate, Beck the War on Drugs, Sharon Jones, Rosanne Cash and many others as I play some of the best music from the first half of 2014.
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    I've posted a new podcast to my website brennick.net. I recently finished A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton, from Big Star to Backdoor Man, so that inspired one of today's sets. We explore Chubby Checker's mind and also check in with Tackhead, NRBQ, Brian Ferry and others. Enjoy.
  • Oh, I'll definitely have to listen to this one! I'm about 2/3 of the way through A Man Called Destruction. One of the best written biographies I've read in a long time.

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    It's Sunday, which means and time for a new podcast. Lots of favorite songs in this 'cast. I packed this with some of my all-time favorites, starting with Go-Betweens and Beth Orton. Lots of Brian Eno - a song, and then the bed in-between sets. Includes a few long-forgotten (but not by me) great tunes by Winter Hours, The Clique and Pylon. I even throw in a Beatles tune. Enjoy. Available at brennick.net.
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    Hello and welcome to a special edition of the PB Podcast - the Jazzcast. On this edition of the jazzcast I focus on jazz vocalists. The main focus of this jazzcast is classic jazz vocalists - you'll recognize many of the names from Lena to Ella to Nat King Cole and Mel Torme. The last set has more contemporary vocalists, but the style is generally classic. Available at brennick.net.
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    Sunday already? Where did the week go? This has been the quickest week I can remember, as it's time for the newest PB Podcast. Today's show has more fantastic songs as I raided the original podcasts (since deleted) for some of their tunes.

    We start with Graham Parker and slide into Gil Scott-Heron to start the show, then add songs by Lloyd Cole, Wanda Jackson, Ray Charles and more. Hope you enjoy the latest edition of the PB Podcast. Available at brennick.net.
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    On today's show we travel back to the late 1940's and also feature songs from 2011 and years in-between. Garland Jeffreys talks about John Lee Hooker, so naturally we have to hear John Lee, then follow up with Dr. John. We'll also have some jazz and a folk set before heading back to 1980 for a couple of tunes and end in 2011 with My Morning Jacket. Available at brennick.net.
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    Hello and welcome to the newest PB Podcast. I'm just back from vacation - it was very nice. We spent 3 days in Bar Harbor, Maine with my son and his girlfriend. The weather was great and we had a great time.

    On today's podcast, we start off by going to Cool Places with Sparks, and spend time with books, getting dirty with Lulu, Crazy Horse and others, and then clean with Bruce Wooley and more. You can find this and other podcasts at brennick.net.

    Please comment on the podcast and be sure to tell others to tune in. Enjoy!
  • Another week, another podcast. Today we start with Buffalo Tom, then new band Kan Wakan that slides into the Monkees and Nilsson. Later we listen to the Black Keys, John Foxx, Kate Bush (oh, to see her in London right now)and others, leading to an Aretha ending.

    Please comment on the podcast and be sure to tell others to tune in. Enjoy! Download at brennick.net.
  • Hello and welcome to the newest edition of the PB Podcast. Although our summer, overall, was nice, early September has been hot. There was a break last night that will hopefully continue, improving our September. The podcast this week is typically all over the place. We start with solo Frank Black, then we move to Sun Volt, Nick Cave and the Housemartins. Then we have a Nirvana-ish set before going way back to the 60's and 70's to finish the pod this week (that's 40+ years ago - time flies...).

    Please remember to comment, leave suggestions and tell others about the podcast. Thank you and enjoy. Available, as always, at brennick.net.
  • Sunday morning can only mean that it's time for a new podcast. We start today's podcast "Stuck" with some soul, the a Blues-y set, After getting a little history of World Party we end with a set lamenting the wage problem in the U.S. and in Britain. Enjoy. Available at brennick.net.
  • Time for another edition of the PB Podcast. Today's podcast starts with a 2014 release by Robyn Hitchcock, jumps back to a tune by Nazz, and keeps rocking back and forth between the 1960's and today. Thanks for dropping by the podcast - remember that I like comments and suggestions. Enjoy at brennick.net.
  • Time for another special edition of the PB Podcast. I called this one "I understand there's something called rock 'n' roll music" podcast because most of these songs have a large rock influence. I first got into jazz music via fusion - I was strictly a rock guy growing up, but as a freshman I heard Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters album with Chameleon, and I was hooked. From there I got into Miles Davis: first his fusion records, then his previous stuff. I also started playing jazz in high school with our high school jazz band, and started getting into big band jazz as well. My love for jazz has never waned.

    So this podcast does have Herbie Hancock, albeit a cut from the Fat Albert Rotunda album. Herbie Mann, Jack McDuff and Gary Burton also show up. The oddest cut might be the Buddy Rich selection, but it just shows that he stayed in touch with all sorts of music. The guitarist on Big Mac is great.

    The final set has the Hot Club of Detroit, Jan Garbarek (a stretch of the rock influence) and Bobby Sanabria, who does the Grand Wazoo - I heard him on NPR when this came out, and he talked about the influence Frank Zappa had on his music.

    So enjoy this special edition of the podcast - I'm sure that there'll be more to come this fall, all at brennick.net.
  • Thank you and welcome to the latest edition of the PB Podcast. On today's show, we start with a band you may have heard of - The Beatles. You'll also hear the Who, David Bowie,Prince and the Pretenders (for recognizable bands). Also, Graham Parker, Richard Thompson and many more.

    Remember to leave comments and suggestions - I've got a podcast coming later this week that is a result of a suggestions made. And tell others about the podcast - the more listeners the better. Thank you for listening to the PB Podcast at brennick.net.
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    Hello and welcome to a special edition of the PB Podcast. I had a request for a Blues for a Rainy Afternoon podcast, and I am happy to oblige. I've been looking to add a blues podcast, and this is the easiest way to do it.

    The problem with the blues (at least from most of my collection) is that the blues can be a very male, macho form of music that does not lend itself to a "rainy afternoon" feeling. But there are artists who do fit, and I put them in here. Bobby Blue Bland, Charles Brown, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy and Paul Butterfield are among the artists highlighted here. The final set isn't strictly blues, but is definitely steeped in the blues. I hope you enjoy this special podcast.

    Remember, this was brought about by a suggestion from a listener - please leave comments and make other suggestions of music you would like to hear at brennick.net.

    Thank you for listening.
  • Hello and welcome to today's PB Podcast. Today's podcast starts with a tune from the War on Drugs from their most recent album - a favorite of mine in 2014. "Burning" is one of the excellent songs from the record. So I thought, Why not look at songs that have Fire in them to complete the set?" Turns out that there are lots of "Fire" songs, so the whole podcast is made up of Fire songs (without the Doors, although there is a fire/pyre song in the set).

    So heat up with this latest edition of the PB Podcast. Remember to check all the podcasts at brennick.net, and leave comments and suggestions. I did an extra podcast last Wednesday based on a suggestion. Also, if you enjoy the podcast encourage others to tune in. Enjoy.
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    "We got our own way of talking" on today's PB Podcast. Don't want to give away the ending (Spoiler alert) but we've got some great tunes on this week's podcast. "If it's square we ain't there" begins with a set of Bob Dylan covers, then we head to the 1960's with The Left Bake and Small Faces, get more contemporary with Caribou, and many songs on-between. And the ending - "I'll show you a real good time, Come on with me and leave your troubles behind"?

    Please, leave comments, make suggestions and above all, encourage others to tune in to the weekly Podcast at brennick.net. with occasional mid-week drops. There are a couple of goodies coming up. Thank you.
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    This year is Blue Note's 75th anniversary, so I decided to have a podcast dedicated to Blue Note. After I finished the podcast I realized that I didn't include some of my all-time favorite Blue Note records, so also did a Part 2, which will be available soon (how soon? you can help decide by leaving a comment).

    So tune in for an exciting Part 1 with Grant Green, Art Blakey, Wayne Shorter and many others. All podcasts are available at brennick.net. Thanks for listening.
  • It's a great, cool autumn day here. With all the rain and wind, most of the leaves have fallen, so I'll be dedicating most of the day to raking leaves.I always listen to music while doing chores around the house, and today's podcast will make for a good hour's of background music as I gather leaves.

    We start with the late 60's-early 70's with Janis, Frank and the Allmans, the dive back into the 50's (and early 60's) from Carl Perkins to the Bel Airs, then hit a blues-y set before finishing up with an odd bunch of tunes that includes John Lennon.

    This podcast and all others are available at brennick.net. Please leave a comment and turn others on to the podcast.
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