What are you listening to (B)right(er)now? (22 Weight Lifting Lulus)



  • Ok, I'm done listening to 1975 records...First on the list for 1976! There are some good personnel names on this album...Never knew Charlie Haden was on bass

  • Homeward Bound Product Image

    Johnathan Blake - Homeward Bound
  • Pop-Electro
  • Amish s/t from 1972. One of the best early Hard Rock albums without a single weak track.

  • Just to show that I am only moderately buried in the late 60s and early 70s!

    "El Camino" by Black Cab.

    BLACK KEYS - El Camino  Amazoncomau  Music
  • "Patahan" by simakDialog.

    AMG says "Indonesian jazz fusion outfit simakDialog were formed in Jakarta in 1993 by Riza Arshad, a mainly self-taught keyboardist skilled in a variety of styles including jazz, prog rock, and global traditional musics.....while the influences of such jazz and fusion pioneers as Miles DavisPat Metheny, and Weather Report can be readily discerned in the music of simakDialog, the group's unique stylistic meld also draws from Indonesian gamelan music, and the Sundanese kendang, a two-headed drum used in gamelan ensembles, is a key component of simakDialog's sound."

    SIMAKDIALOG Patahan reviews

  • ^^ ^   ^^^^
    Yeah, when Arshad died a few years ago,
    it was the death of a fine band.

  • Merry Christmas to me. I just got the CD package in. I have the 3 CD version, but this was at a reasonable price, so I splurged.
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    2021 Canadian jazz from Christine Jensen and some Montréal colleagues (Justin Time label, available on BandCamp)
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    @rostasi thanks very much for letting us know about these really interesting Krautrock and related albums. I knew about the Agitation Free one but none of the rest.
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    Wow, yeah, OK. I’m just pretty much re-living my teen years.
    I think I’ve made assumptions of knowledge here,
    but happy that you like those excerpts.

    Let’s see…Floh de Cologne were a wonderful, but controversial band of their time.
    Detractors would throw around words like “communist” and “socialist” about their music
    and message without knowing what the terms meant (some things never change).
    Social commentary mixed with satire and avant-rock tendencies. Many albums.

    Eroc has been and will always be a favorite of mine. It’s the nickname of Joachim Ehrig who today is best known as the drummer for Grobschnitt when he was younger and an incredible engineer, today, who’s created some astounding sounding production work and mastering of not only all of the Grobschnitt recordings, but a large number of German rock classics from those early days like the remastered Amon Düül II titles plus nearly 1000 other remastered classics at his studio, “Eroc’s Mastering Ranch”. Look for that on anything remastered and you’ll hear some extraordinary sound. He has incredible ears! The cut you heard above comes from his first solo album. The first time I heard the album was when I heard the first and main piece, “Kleine Eva” in ‘75 on the radio while sitting in the passenger’s seat of a car that had a moon roof that was open to the stars above. It’s a lasting memory.

    Liliental was a project that Dieter Moebius did after the temporary breakup of Cluster.
    It also included two guys from Kraan and was kind of a side project.
    The great Conny Plank was the engineer.

    The band in the middle is a different thing all together. They’re Teksti-TV 666 and they’re from Finland and the album that came from was released about 3 years ago, and they enjoy their influences … and so should we!
  • Post-rock band from Guangzhou, Space Station.

  • rostasi said:
    Post-rock band from Guangzhou, Space Station.


    Well I enjoyed that, thanks @rostasi and look where the crazy YouTube logarithm sent me next... not that they have much of anything in common.

    Matthew Halsall - Salute to the Sun (Live at Hallé St Peter's)(Full Concert Video)

  • Another fine example of jazz from Montréal. This 2021 release by pianist Steve Amirault and his group is from BandCamp.
  • What is a YouTube logarithm?
  • My bad I meant algorithm by which they suggest similar things to you; all the better to try and have you buy stuff you don't really want. Just like Amazon's "If you liked XYZ you'll love ABC!"
  • I have to say I've never had YouTube suggest anything to me. LOL! How does this happen?

  • The Lounge Lizards - Voice Of Chunk  Verffentlichungen  Discogs
    The Lounge Lizards - "Voice of Chunk"

  • > @rostasi said:
    > I have to say I've never had YouTube suggest anything to me. LOL! How does this happen?

    It works by autoplay maybe by that right hand column. Anyway the point is I got some great "Spiritual Jazz" by a bloke I know right after your helpful Chinese Post Rock suggestion.
  • via Twitter: Joe Henderson 5qt with Woody Shaw, George Cables, Ron McClure, Lenny White, San Francisco, Aug 1970

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