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Hello, Dr. Mutex here. I've commandeered this post to add an introduction for the thread. Bandcamp offers the artist various options for distributing their music. When you add a release here, we request that you include a brief note to indicate how the music is available.

Suggested format (thanks to Bad Thoughts for the suggestion)
Free: no e-mail necessary, downloads directly from album page.
For email: requires email address/zip code before providing link.
Email for link: link is sent to email address.
Free/NYOP: Name your own price, but artist encourages free download.
NYOP: Name your own price--no explicit encouragement to purchase for nothing.
Price: what the artist asks for, e.g. $4.00.
Stream: streams only.
Off-site: links to another site to purchase and download.

Todo: Add a link to a post that shows the bbcode for an image + link. In the meantime, if bbcode mystifies you, just slap in the link and what you have to say about the release and the helpful gnomes will format it for you. Note that the gnomes only work when they're not drunk, so this may take a while.

There is also a thread devoted to Jazz at Bandcamp

We now return you to your original frogkopf already in progress.

Having Downloaded Jeremy Messersmith's albums at Bandcamp for pretty cheap, I decided to do a little looking around.

I found the following two albums that are worth getting for fans of Reggae:

Dread & Gold - Dub from the Smoke Factory by Dubmatix - free download

Dubmatix meets Nate Wize "Renegade Remixes Vol 1" by Dubmatix (mix with some big name vocalists) - name your price

Post anty other free/cheap goodies you've found.


  • Well, I am trying to get the Dubmatix. Clicking on the DL link, I get a dialog that says, "We're preparing your download now. In the meantime, please watch this thing spin around and around."

    Oh ho ho. If only the "thing" would ever stop spinning around and the file starting DLing. [crank]My challenge to the youth of America, verily, the whole Internet: Try going one full day without being ironic. Who knows, you might like it.[/crank]

    Link finally worked. :)
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    Andrew Oliver Kora Band - June 2009 Studio Session

    Andrew Oliver Kora Band - Live at Jimmy Maks 10-9-09
    The Andrew Oliver Kora Band combines elements of jazz and traditional West African music to create a unique soul-stirring sound. In the wake of his 2007 tour of West Africa with the U.S. State Department's Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad, pianist and composer Andrew Oliver was inspired to dive deeper into the relationship between jazz and West African music. His exploration eventually led to the founding of the Kora Band, featuring atypical instrumentation that highlights Kane Mathis on the 21-string Kora, a traditional harp from West Africa. Kane is one of the most accomplished Kora players in the U.S., having spent many years in The Gambia studying with master musicians. Also featured are Chad McCullough on trumpet, Brady Millard-Kish on bass, and Mark DiFlorio on drums. The talented ensemble performs both original compositions designed to explore the many possibilities of its unique timbre as well as traditional and modern songs from West Africa arranged specifically for the band.
  • Natural Self has some freebies, including a 9+ minute mix of his upcoming EP.

    I'll also shill for Fang Island again. Not as cheap as you might have in mind, but $5.99 for their latest album in FLAC is a pretty good deal considering how awesome they are. I'm seriously considering re-buying all of their material so that I can get it in FLAC.
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    Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele

    Exactly what it says. Only 84 cents (apparently the licensing cost for those songs).

    EDIT: Of course the first time I buy something from Bandcamp is the first time it screws up. Got mp3, was supposed to get flac...
  • It's a great little EP, thom. Amanda Palmer rules.

  • Here's one for selfrisingmojo - Jo Mama live!
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    got a little jazzed when i thought it might be this Jo Mama;
    sadly it wasn't, it appears to be the band, using one of a long list of aliases,that has been mysteriously showing up in hotel lounges across the country,
    playing the same set list and disturbing wildlife for the last 20 years.
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    If you dig that fuzzy surf vibe that the young hepcats are into, check out this freebie from Beat Connection.

    P.S. Bandcamp fixed my issue with the Amanda Palmer EP. They didn't get back to me a second time (yet), but when I checked again I noticed that it said I already bought it in FLAC would I like to download again. Cool.
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    Muhr - A collection of thoughts and reveries
    These are selected songs from Muhr's netlabel albums from 2004 to 2010.
    Music taken from records released on labels such as Miasmah, Serein, 12rec, Softphase, Fen
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    Andrew Liles - Ouarda (The Subtle Art of Phyllorhodomancy)
    The following wonderful individuals contributed to this recording -

    Danielle Dax appears on all titles marked *
    Karl Blake on 'Black Miranda Rose'
    Darius Akashic & Miriam Chivers on
    'Disappearance of Spoons'
    Maja Elliott on 'Old Tom's Marrow'
    Rose McDowall on 'In the Land of My Father's Father' and 'Another Shift in This Universe'.
    Edward Ka-Spel on 'Best Friend'
    Daniel Padden on 'Guinea Pigs
    - Not free but truely amazing.
  • I try not to like chillwave, but there's a lot of cool stuff. Brothertiger showed up on under my Tennis radio. They've got an EP for a dollar and a free track.
  • @Brighternow

    I'm diggin' the Bas van Huizen albums - thanks for the REC!
  • Thanks for all the recs. Some of my favorite dls recently have been Muhr and Kora Band. Weird that bandcamp seems to jump from free (awesome) to overpriced (not awesome at all).

    Keep it coming...
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    @ frogkopf & Sort: You're very welcome.

    Joe Frawley - Speak of this to no one
    - (september - 2010)
    Credits: I wrote, or improvised, the music, and played the piano. I also chose the found sounds and did the electronic processing and arrangements. Rachel breathed, spoke and sang. Greg provided certain sounds in the bass register. Some voices are those of narrator "Secrets", who reads for "Descension Day" features double bass bowed harmonics played by Houston Guy, courtesy of user "Stomachache" on "Yes, please, yes" is based around dialogue samples borrowed from the BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Drama "Sacred Hearts". Special thanks to J.C. for sharing his personal collection with me. Cover illustration, Ava in the Snow, by Natasha Newton [], used by permission. Speak of this to no one. -JF
    - Brilliant !
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    Kimika - Octobre - (May 2010)

    - tags: explosions in the sky, instrumental, mogwai, post-rock, rock, shoegaze, Montr
  • I need to setup a spot to save the "Name your price" albums so that I remember to check them out when I have time.
  • Thanks for pointing that one out Brighter. It sounds right up the alley I'm on at the moment (especially the free download part). Can't wait to give it a listen this afternoon.

  • Very nice Brighternow! (streaming now). Who needs an emu when you have a B'now?
  • or even amiestreet. ;) I used to get a lot of free electronic music on there. Thanks for the recs!
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    Yair Yona - Bootleg Series #1

    This is for fans of John Fahey, slide on open guitar, more finger picking, but same style. I have another live release from him (@ the Uganda Club in Jerusalem), well worth the time if Fahey was good for you.
  • Here's a freebie for those who like their pop crunchy:

    The Foreign Films EP
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    Thanks Froggie, crunchy indeed.
    - This reminds me that there's a Danish label called:
    Crunchy Frog (also on eMu)
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    Le Berger - De fe'kun.dus ad salus
    released 01 November 2010
    - Name your price, or free at

    tags: ambient atmospheric drone minimal Montr
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    I bought this one for 10 euros:

    Nico Muhly - I Drink The Air Before Me - (Bedroom Community 2010)

    - With this I got a free 63 minutes Dark Christmas mix:
    - I don't know if you can access this page, I used a code to enter this.

    - The list:
    00.00 The Amidons: It's Good To Be Kind—mangled by Nico Muhly
    00.32 Nico Muhly: The Only Tune—SonLux Remix
    05.19 Ben Frost: The Gravity of Numbers
    11.16 Valgeir Sigurðsson: Focal Point—Kippi Kanínus Remix
    17.00 Sam Amidon: Kedron (acoustic)
    19.36 Puzzle Muteson: Parachute
    22.28 Daníel Bjarnason: Night Music
    29.46 Valgeir Sigurðsson: Vetur
    33.18 Nico Muhly: Wonders—MaJiKer Remix
    40.16 Valgeir Sigurðsson: Dark Christmas
    45.05 Daníel Bjarnason: Stars
    48.42 Ben Frost There are no others, There is only us
    58.13 Nico Muhly: Bells For Zach
    60.05 Valgeir Sigurðsson: Air

    - Sounds absolutely wonderful !

    BTW, Bedroom Community has'nt added anything to eMu for more than 2 years now.

    Edit 2:
    Oooops not exactly true Ben Frost in 2010.
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    free Konntinent album, along with a whole bunch of interesting looking free stuff on the Phantom Channel netlabel, the only downside is that they are all track-by-track downloads - or you can get zips at internet archive.
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    This is a nice, and free, pastoral/chamber-pop album from one of the guys in Great Lakes Myth Society:


    Tracks 3-5 especially. I'm surprised he's giving it away, TBH.

    Another one I liked is this album by the Summer Twins, which is very lo-fi but not bad (and also free):


    They're based in L.A., and unlike some bands with "Twins" in their name, this one actually features a pair of sisters who appear to be twins, though not identical twins.
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