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  • Thanks for the offer! 
    Eythian hosts things, so it's really only the domain name ownership that we'd need to transfer. 
    I think that basically involves me filling in a form at my end and then you agreeing to take control, followed by a per…
    in GDPR madness Comment by xtrev May 2018
  • Hi everybody, I'm still alive!
    Eythian - thanks very much for all your work, it's great that everything still seems to be working after the switchover. I'll update the DNS later today so if everything falls apart you'll know who to blame.
  • I'll add a VERY good word for The Decemberists - The King Is Dead!

    Loved it at first listen when streaming the pre-release, ordered the CD+DVD set immediately (thanks xmas amazon vouchers!), been playing it A LOT since it arrived last Sa…
  • Craig - congrats on your fantasy success! I'd quite like to have a go at american ff but haven't really been following the game very closely for a few years, so my picks would probably all be rubbish now. Maybe next season? It'll be an excuse to wea…
  • Well, personally I HATE seeing youtube vids embedded in forum posts*, but if enough of you want to do it I'll have a bash over the xmas hols.
    You lot use the place more than me after all :-)

    *quite apart from my personal indi…
    in Test Comment by xtrev December 2010
  • Eight CDs worth of tracks from 2010 at Fluxblog!
    Very varied stuff, but a lot of real goodies.

    The torrent link wasn't working for me, but the in…
  • (Quote)
    Why? I assume you're using iTunes, but you can change the default format to mp3 or a few other things in the preferences.
    Although I've been an Apple fan (ish) for a looong time, there's no need to help them lock you in :-)
  • Welcome to the boards!
    And yes, BBCode.
    You should have buttons to give you a choice of plain text or BBCode just beneath the posting area.
  • Yes, the other Kenny was you with a different email address.
    Whispering is a 'private' comment that only you and the named recipient (and we admins) can see.
  • The Piccadilly Records 100 is up too.

    For those surprised at the low or non appearance of some albums in the rough trade list above, don't forget …
  • All done. Daytripper is now officially 'Kenny'.
    And the other Kenny is now 'Kenny (2)'.
  • Just goes to show, on the internet you never know who really IS a whiny little girl :-)
  • I like their track 'obscura' on the recent WIRE magazine cover CD.
    Almost led me to get some of their stuff from emu last month, if I'd been staying I would definitely have picked up at least one of the albums.
    This is the sort of thing …
  • Some interesting choices, never heard of Perfume Genius or Fences and never actually heard Tallest Man.
    I'll have to start trying to come up with a top 10 myself soon.

    As for Bon Iver, have you heard in My Top Ten of 2010 Comment by xtrev November 2010
  • Aha! Discovered the 'trick' is to actually be lucky enough to happen to have the main black friday page open as the countdown runs out and then click to buy something in the few microseconds before it sells out.
    Absolute nonsense!
    If tha…
  • If there's nothing in the prefs you could try holding a modifier key (control, alt, shift etc) while it scrolls.
    Knowing Microsoft it'll either do something useful, something bizarre, or crash.
    Or all 3 randomly.

    Good luck!
  • On a slightly different note, why 'Black Friday'? Makes it sound like a bad thing.
    Or a good Steely Dan song.
    Either seems a peculiar choice.
  • BigD, thanks but it's amazon UK I'm talking about - no such thing as a deal of the day over here :-(

    It just seemed odd that whenever I looked there were NO current or available deals. I appreciate they'll be going fast but to see none a…
  • No it was this one...

    in Amazon 'Black Friday' deals? Comment by xtrev November 2010
  • We have a few here somewhere...

    Here's a US one from last year - should have been updated in Nov/Dec if they stuck to their recent timetable...

    in Lyin' sacks o chit! Comment by xtrev November 2010
  • (Quote)
    Exactly! Imagine my befuddlement last week trying to get a last minute booster pack that would still leave me an amount divisible by 42 after I'd snagged the last 2 albums I wanted.
    They were still around half the price of el…
    in OK Comment by xtrev November 2010
  • I would imagine our UK/EU plans will stay the same until the Majors arrive.
    Despite eMusic saying it was coincidence, that's when the US plans were switched to new levels even for existing subscribers and ours were left alone.
  • Ah, I see where you were coming from now kargatron.
    Although to be honest I probably have actually spent more time acquiring and reading about new music than I have listening to it recently.
    I get too many interruptions at work some days…
  • Stay and try it. It's only a month after all and they're probably going to try and be extra helpful to anybody not abandoning ship for a while.
  • Kargatron, I was still on an old 90-a-month plan at emu and over the last year or so (for various reasons) I seem to have spent less time actually listening to the albums I get.
    I first realised the problem when coming up with year end charts …
  • Well, had a re-think and cancelled my eMu account instead of putting it on hold.
    I was thinking about cancelling before all the recent upheaval anyway, it was only the amusing appeal of being given more in 'bonus' money than I was paying that …
  • (Quote)
    I'm not sure it is now. I think those days have gone.
    Now that higher prices have become the norm I can't see the labels backing away from that anytime soon.
    They can sell from their own sites and/or through amazon, itu…
  • Well, despite having decided to stick with emu for another year, the latest farce of the 'big indies' leaving has almost changed my mind.
    My annual grandfathered 90 per month (with them basically paying me to stay under the new scheme) is now …
  • False alarm!
    Site working again now.

    See you all here tomorrow when it really does break :-)