What's sitting outside your window right now?

A turkey vulture!



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    What a bird!

    Outside my window now - my cat, waiting to come in to be fed!!
  • There's a bird outside my window,
    There's a song outside my door,
    When I wake up to greet the morning,
    Gonna blow away that bird for sure.

    Stuff a pillow with his feathers,
    Pick my teeth with his bones,
    Make walking boots out of his birdhide,
    Get that winged rat to leave me alone.

    From "Kill the Mockingbird" by House of Freaks. That lyric popped right into my head when I saw this post. Great song by a great band that few people seem to know. Check out the album "Tantilla" if you can find it -- Rhino Handmade did a reissue two or three years ago.
  • @Muggsy I think I have all the House of Freaks albums. Don't have the expanded editions unfortunately. I was introduced to them by a roommate in college via their first album: Monkey on a Chain Gang. I really liked that album and it was on the strength of that album that I picked up the rest of their stuff over the years... but don't think their other stuff has left an impression on me like that first album of theirs. Just queued it up and listening to it now... still can't believe they were a duo.

    Outside my window? Nothing but some trees, sunshine and wind. Normally, that's a good thing... except that it throws my dull existence here in this cubicle at work into sharp relief.
  • A research tower.
  • My window? A loading dock. Happy to have an office, but I got the worst view...
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    That's funny, because Tantilla was the first one I heard and it's by far my favorite of theirs. I have the others too, but when I want to hear them I always go for Tantilla. The expanded editions are nice to have but certainly not essential if you have the original releases. Tantilla's the only one I bought twice.
  • A research tower.

    That's what's sitting on my desk. I think that might be why the vulture's hangin' around.
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    Not right now, but one morning over the winter I had this sumbitch sitting on the fence. Keeping an eye on the neighbor's bird feeder.


    Right now, 15 bags of topsoil, getting ready to go into our new raised beds...
  • Well, I took a nap after lunch after a lousy night's sleep last night, woke up to some banging, and found a large gas grill outside my window and a guy in atruck driving away. Very mysterious. Turns out he was delivering it a neighbor and had the wrong house.
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    "Outside my window is a tree.
    Outside my window is a tree.
    There only for me.
    And it stands in the grey of the city,
    No time for pity, for the tree or me.

    There is a world of pain
    In the falling rain
    Around me.

    Is there a reason for today?
    Is there a reason for today?
    Do you remember?
    I can hear all the cries of the city,
    No time for pity for a growing tree.

    There is a world of pain
    In the falling rain
    Around me.

    Outside my window is a tree.
    Outside my window is a tree.
    There only for me.
    And it stands in the grey of the city,
    No time for pity, for the tree or me.

    There is a world of pain
    In the falling rain
    Around me."
  • Oh, man, it's falling leaves. Yay, falling leaves!
  • We're having amazing weather for September so all I can see out of my window is a blue sky, no clouds in sight. The temperature reached 26 yesterday (very high 70s) with a forecast of 28 (82) for today which is about right now. Unheard of in September here. And it is supposed to last until at least Sunday. It really is shorts and BBQ weather - the problem is I'd put all my summer clothese away for winter. Watch out BN it'll be with you soon in Denmark
  • Dwindling tomatoes and peppers - yearning for warmth and sun to return for just a couple more days
  • 3 hungry cats . . .

    Yeah ! wonderful summer'ish weather lasting until sunday. 20+ degrees so close to october, very unusual.
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    Just heard this morning's weather forecast - they are predicting a record October high temperature for the UK on Sunday - maybe into the 30s. (85F+) Blue sky out of my window already
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    It's not quite literally outside my window, but it's not far away...this is what I was looking at an hour or so ago, just a short way down the road...


    ...place called Evan's Lookout.
  • Wow, that's awesome! Australia too! Someday I hope to make it there.
  • Quite dramatic, especially compared to the goldfinches at my feeder ad dark gray skies above, prediction is for thunderstorms and hail. Still it's better than the 90F (32C) of two days ago.
  • Nothing on my train journey home from London could possibly compare! Again, one day I might make Australia...
  • A bunch of plants sitting on my front porch waiting to be planted in the ground. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.
  • North Dallas traffic. I can't wait to move away from this noisy street. It makes my balcony an outdoor storage space instead of place to enjoy. I can though, at least ponder the brilliance of placing a crematorium/ funeral home next to a fast food fried chicken chain.
  • The birds here are part of the fun. We sat outside a cafe the other day with an ibis perched on the edge of the table trying to steal bits from my muffin. Parrots, cockatoos, and mynahs flying around a lot too. Off walking in the mountains today. Back to work tomorrow.
  • Huh, I looked at Germanprof's pic and thought 'wherever that is in America looks a lot like the Blue Mountains." Glad it was a nice day today for your walking.
  • It was a stunningly beautiful day for walking. I'm glad we went to Blackheath before checking out the Three Sisters at Katoomba. The latter is a great view, but very touristy. The walk from Govett's Leap to Pulpit Rock, by contrast, was wild and beautiful and we met about 10 people all day. And the weather was magnificent. And now we are at a bed and breakfast place that I think is the nicest place I have ever been put up at for a conference. Maybe the nicest place I've stayed ever.
  • the view from my window looks pretty much like this:
  • Nice photo, it looks like you are having a long winter also. Ten inches of fresh snow here (25 cm.) for the first day of spring.
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    Yes indeed, there's also about 25 cm. of snow here and no spring ahead according to the forecast.

    Every winter there's one or two male pheasants and x number of females residing in the garden.

    On Bornholm there's piles of snow up to 2 meters:
    - These photos are from today.
  • We have only a little bit of snow, but it's very cold; last year at this time there was freak heat wave - I remember the kids being outside in shorts playing with hoses and sprinklers in the middle of March!
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