The greatest YouTube clip you'll see this week.

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Nine Inch Nails performing on "Dance Party USA" in the late 80's/early 90's. People are actually doing the running man to "Down In It" and Trent Reznor has a pony tail in a scrunchy.

It's also quite clearly lip synched.

It's gloriously awesome.



  • Well, OK. But there are some pretty cute kitten videos out there too.
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    The infamous ultimate cheese Gunther song:
    US Soldiers in Iraq - The Ding Dong Song

    - There's no way of telling what theese Youtube links will lead to . . .
  • Well, OK. But there are some pretty cute kitten videos out there too.

    oh man, i saw a video of a kitten playing with a dolphin. a dolphin!

    adorable. took my mind off this week's SCOTUS arguments.
  • I should have specified "the greatest YouTube clip you'll see this week (non-kitten division)". Obviously kittens make the competition unfair.

    Although BN's videos are pretty entertaining.

  • I've said many times in the past, Trent Reznor's legacy will be turning industrial music more easily digestible pop music.

    That clip is TOTALLY AWESOME!!
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    An email received April 1 from (note date):
    Can you imagine a world without kitten videos on YouTube? I can't.

    But by 2015, that's the world we will be forced to live in. YouTube has announced that it will be banning kitten videos by 2015. No more surprised kitty. No more keyboard cat. Whole generations will be denied the joy of kittens chasing laser beams and cats getting their heads stuck in boxes.

    Will you speak out for the kitties?

    Not the trickiest April Fool attempt I've seen, but a nice thought. (And clicking on the original link to save the lkitties takes you here)
  • This one is in German, but a little translation will make it clear, and it's funny. The woman asks the old man how he's getting on with the new iPad that they bought him for his birthday. he says 'no problem'. She says, even with all the apps? He says 'what apps'? The rest is visual humor.
  • Awesome, thanks Doofy. Yet they wouldn't do "Heinz is on your side" for Don Draper.

  • Yes, I gather this was prompted by 'Mad Men' (which I haven't seen). But aren't The Who the ones who sold out for Heinz?

  • Gah! I had not seen that before.

    Matthew Weiner tends to use real events or at least refer to them for his fictional ad campaigns. The Stones storyline from this weekend was triggered by a desire by "Heinz" to appeal to the younger generation and "Heinz" specifically asked for the Stones. I have a feeling its meant to be an early failed attempt that eventually lead to The Who's involvement.

  • My wife made me watch part of American Idol last night: she wanted me to appreciate a country-fied version of "Born this Way." The sining was decent, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the ridiculous "musicians" pantomiming behind the singer. Not only did they have no clue how to play their instruments, they looked like No Vacancy (the rival band from School of Rock) had turned into a bunch of stalkers. Bizarre.
  • This one's not only the greatest youtube clip you'll see this week, but the greatest one you'll see ever!

    A little bird lands on Josh Williams' guitar and joins the band during a bluegrass festival performance and stays there throughout the entire song. The little birdie immediately flies off when the song ends. Amazing.

  • I guess this is the place for generic worthwhile youtube entries:

    John Lurie & Lounge Lizards (VIDEO) Live in Berlin 1991 (full concert)
  • Ah, lovely timing. I've been eyeing my Lounge Lizards cds lately, thinking that it might be a nice time to swipe the dust over their covers. Some notes of Bob the Bob, and now I'm certain.


    P.S. I wonder if this video came from one of the live performances they released on cd. I think I actually own a couple of those still.
  • He's an American potato!

    How do you say "I love the internet" in Italian?

  • Io amo Internet. E io amo google translate.
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    Apologies in advance for this . . .

    Schwanzen S
  • Wow, it takes a while for the hammer to drop, but about ten parqagraphs in the prose is worth waiting for.
  • That Metheny diss is not recent, but from 2000.
  • Aha, was wondering about the original date on that. How could I have missed it?
  • My Penguin guide doesn't have a Kenny G section.

    It has this to say about Metheny though, which I found funny:
    [Metheny] sees nothing incompatible about his sometimes bewildering range of appearances on record, which encompasses companions such as Ornette Coleman and Derek Bailey, yet he continues to create own-name group records which can sound as lightweight and undemanding as those of the leading smooth-jazz performers. Most would call this a double-life. Metheny sees it as doing whatever he wants.

    Many other things that make me chuckle too like "pleasant hummable albums", "light, easily digested settings", "lots of pastels", and my favorite, "by itself the playing isn't so remarkeable, but paired with..."

    But hey, at least he rates an entry.
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    Heh ! . . . Thanks. I want that mysterious box for christmas.

    The fridge boxset doesn't seem to include the rare Warner Brothers LP from 1971.
    "In 1971 the group sent a reel-to-reel tape to Hal Halverstadt, who worked with Captain Beefheart, at Warner Brothers. Because the band had not included any name in the return address, the rejection slip was simply addressed to "The Residents". The members of the group then decided that this would be the name they would use, first becoming Residents Unincorporated, then shortening it to the current name."
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