• Nigerian man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic

    Now that's some deep shit Pun intended
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    The Pitchfork Review - or, now that we drove all your favorite magazines out of print, you have plenty of money to subscribe to our new magazine.
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    Heh, yeah so true, Amclark2. Does this mean their website isn't going to be so free anymore?
  • A few websites seem to be moving to adding a quarterly publication. Grantland does one, and of course McSweeney's is the OG for it (and even prints Grantland's).

    I can't see the point, but I guess there's enough demand from people who can't accept the death of print.

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    More power to 'em. You can still turn a profit doing small print runs, if you can justify a higher cover price. High prestige, keeps authors & designers happy, gives you a pretty and tangible thing to show people. The McSweeney's stuff is so handsome, I'm tempted to buy almost every time I see it.

    eta, "Music Is Good Quarterly." Just to throw that out there.
  • Doofy, great idea; get writing!
  • Actually kind of interesting...Nielsen crunches the numbers on Xmas radio airplay. Here in the US at least, many stations go all-Christmas after Thanksgiving. These leaps in listenership make it pretty clear why! Oddest possible assortment of artists...What other time of year can Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole get airplay?
  • This is the ultimate WTF for me. I honestly cannot figure out how someone could be this dumb.

    High School gymnastics coach charged with assault for giving 15 year old gymnast 3 tattoos and a tongue piercing.

  • Slight parent fail on that one - are you seriously going to leave your 15 year old daughter with this guy:

    And those are some seriously crappy tattoos she'll have to live with for sometime.
  • Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba.

    Then a dog shows up. Also dressed as a shark.

    There are no words.

  • My bluegrass friend Keith posted this eBay auction.

    Cliff Edwards Vintage Dobro Tenortrope Tenor Guitar Ukulele Ike Banjo Style 1929 - Opening bid $1,500.

    One of the more unusual pre-war instruments from Dobro, this is effectively a tenor resonator guitar with a round body, shaped like a banjo. Very rare model. Cliff Edwards was better known as "Ukulele Ike" and later as the voice of Jiminy Cricket.

    Keith comments, "What unholy union of souls produced this beast?"
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    I'm not sure that the instrument is more contrived than the name. It looks like a resonator jazz banjo to me: just switch out the drum for a resonator body and voila! Certainly the word dobro has no business in the name without a raise nut and bridge.
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    BT, I wondered about that myself (not that I actually know what constitutes a Dobro) - Apparently in this case, Dobro refers to the manufacturer
    The name has a long and involved history that is interwoven with that of the resonator guitar. Originally coined by the Dopyera brothers when they formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company, in time it came to commonly mean a resonator guitar, or specifically one with a single inverted resonator. This particular design was introduced by the Dopyeras' new company, in competition to the already patented Tricone and biscuit designs owned and produced by the National String Instrument Corporation.
    The Dobro brand later also appeared on other instruments, notably electric lap-steel guitars and solid-body electric guitars and on other resonator instruments such as Safari resonator mandolins.
    When Gibson acquired the trademark in 1994, the company announced that it would defend its right to Dobro's exclusive use.

    So know we know what a Dobro has in common with a Xerox machine!
  • Episode 38 of the show Pawn Stars had a similar looking instrument (the same instrument?) that Wikipedia calls a "1920's Gibson Banjo Ukulele" that I thought belonged to that same guy...
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    Darth Vader: Music Critic?
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    "I often joke that, for me, listening to Kanye West is like a religious experience. Apparently, for some people, this is not a joke. Enter the best religion of all time: Yeezianity."
  • The Beatles are more popular than him too.
  • I love the specification that it's the "first" religion based on Kanye.

  • There are other things than end in -anity that are also not religions.
  • I would be more likely to attend the Saint John Will-I-Am Coltrane African Orthodox Church


    Web site has videos, which are actually kind of great.
  • In Anglican/Episcopalian terms the Church I go to is quite free, contemporary etc in its worship, but nothing like this Church. Now I'd be quite happy to listen to Coltrane music every Sunday morning, but I am not sure the rest of the congregation would welcome it....
  • I'm sure an Anglican Coltrane church would be something rather different.
    Well-meaning vicars would set words to Coltrane's music for use at services.
    "And now Blue Train, verses 1 to 3...."

  • In Anglican/Episcopalian terms the Church I go to is quite free, contemporary etc in its worship, but nothing like this Church. Now I'd be quite happy to listen to Coltrane music every Sunday morning, but I am not sure the rest of the congregation would welcome it....
    Reason to go Coptic?
  • More like "Blue Train verses one to seven omitting verse two and four"
  • My wife is Coptic, so I had to convert before we could get married. The Coptic church services I've been to last about four hours and most of the singing is a kind of sing-song chant in a mix of English, Arabic, and Coptic. Would love a jazz number now and again. At least they have the smoke going, even if it is incense.
  • Polish grad student needs your help in rating movie vulgarities:

    Actually kind of an interesting exercise. I realized it takes something for me to get up to vulgarity level 5!
  • This may be the biggest WTF in music history: Burial posted a selfie!


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