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    ...Not to mention! You can time this issue by the absence of Chevy Chase.

    One suspects the Rick James tie-in was related to the fact that, in the comics, the Hulk had a kind of sidekick character named Rick Jones.
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    @Denver - if you'd like the musical version of the regrettably true story of Johnny Ace's accident, although I'm unsure whether accident is really a valid application when it comes to Russian roulette, look up Dash Rip Rock's song Johnny Ace, preferably the version from their live album, Boiled Alive, with playful pre-song banter on the subject.
    That cover says it all.
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    Superman is a dick...
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    Found on Ben Frost's website:
  • That's a photoshop, right? 1) It looks like you can see a seam where it was layered around the edge of the cover art; and 2) Seriously, that can't be real, can it?

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    Save the tortoise so we can euthanize it

    Talk about your crapping out in Vegas
  • I saw Dash Rip Rock play a halloween show live in Lafayette, Louisiana several years ago. It was quite fun.
  • When your award show appearance inspires this reaction, you're not doing it right:


  • That is about my reaction on waking up this morning to discover that people were actually watching that show last night. We need Sunday Night Football, stat!
  • There was a show last night?
  • It was apparently up against Breaking Bad, so who knows.

    I do need to actually see the video from this performance though. I heard something about twerking teddy bears, which is just too weird to imagine.

  • I couldn't make it through the whole thing (on Youtube, of course, I'd never bother to put MTV on the actual TV). Kind of like the first time I heard "Blurred Lines" - too creeped out to make it to the end.

    And the teddy bears weren't even close to original...
  • I honestly don't know if I've heard "Blurred Lines". I'm sure I've caught part of it in passing somewhere, but that would be all.

    My wife didn't know Alan Thicke's son was a pop star until today. She watched the video and the biggest take away she had was that he looks too much like Mike Seaver to be singing a song like that.

  • OK then, nobody is shocked by murdered tortoises huh?

    Fine! But remember, first they came for the tortoises and I did not speak out because I was not a tortoise...

    And if there is an outrage to be found in this whole episode, I mean aside from that referee suit Robin Thicke was wearing, it would be calling what Miley Cyrus did twerking.

    That ain't twerking.

    This is twerking Shhhh, be bewwy bewwy quiet.
  • Amazing, creative use of medical technology - Using smartphone app to measure vital signs! Extends medical monitoring technology to places where it's otherwise unavailable.

    But the video - Dear God, the video!
  • "Hold on, stranger!"

    I love that they just filmed it in some park with people walking by.

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    You mean the republicans held their own separate but equal celebration of the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington?

    Why was this version not given wall to wall coverage on maybe, I don't know, say, Fox news.

    If they had not done so before, the republicans have now officially jumped the shark
  • On FB, an old friend posted an MLK link from some organization of "Black Conservatives." Proud to report I resisted commenting, 'What, all three of them?'
  • Actual conversation yesterday at a rural Iowa gas station:

    Me: Do you have hot tea?
    Attendant: Hot tea? No, we don't have that.
    Me: OK. (Goes and gets a bottle of green tea from the fridge, goes to pay. As I am paying...)
    Colleague: There are tea bags over here.
    Attendant: Yes, we do have tea bags and hot water.
  • Hopefully, Gp's learned an important lesson about making accurate requests. :)
  • In seven seasons, the tea was already brewed.

  • lol. but using "it's" isn't simple?
  • Ask a Slave AKA stupid questions a historical re-enacator has been asked by tourists.
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  • I just watched this on Netflix: FDR: American Badass.
  • Wow. I'm almost afraid to ask, but how was it, luddite?

  • @Craig... I actually kinda liked it but I have a kinda weird sense of humor. Its was like Team America: World Police but w/live actors instead of Marionettes mixed with Leslie Nielsen/Naked Gun . I started watching it the night before out of curiosity (someone mentioned the films existence in the comments on a CNN page I was reading) and got about 10 minutes into it before stopping. It was just kinda nutso and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue investing any time into it. I started it up again last night and after another 10-15 minutes I found enough things in it funny enough to continue through to the end. A fair amount of the humor was pretty crude/crass/sexual (don't watch with your kids around) but overall the movie was professionally enough done. The werewolves annoyed me and scenes with them couldn't end soon enough. Barry Bostwick (who I only really new as the mayor from the TV sitcom "Spin City") as FDR was hilarious; calling General Douglas MacArthur "Duggy Mac", free-stylin' his Fireside Chats, etc...
  • Barry Bostwick is great.

    May need to check that out at some point.

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