What is it with yall and black women at the nauguration

Last time the Queen's jacked up ass hat didn't look right

Now you mad cause Sasha Fierce didn't sing live

You need to quit it cause you lookin crazy.

The only thing you should be disappointed about is that she didn't let Wilona loose up on that stage


  • Shows how much I'm paying attention, every link was news to me.
  • Sadly the backlash against Beyonce is newsworthy these days. Even more sad is the fact that live singing is a dying artform.
  • I was more annoyed by the backlash against Richard Blanco's reading of his poem. While I'm not sure how I feel about it, the criticism and comments internet-wide are disappointing or at least depressing. This article is especially bad.
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    We are living in a time where it is considered appropriate to be rude, uncivil, critical. I am constantly surprised at the level of nastiness on the internet.

    I didn't watch the big show, but I did listen to the swearing in and aftermath on the radio. Recorded or live, the woman has a voice to be admired.

    The Queen will always reign!

    I did see bits on the news. And aren't the Obama ladies lovely? The elder daughter is turning into a real beauty, and little sister is showing signs of growing into a lovely teen. Michelle in the red ball gown? We should all look so good.
  • The Queen will always reign!
    - Indeed !
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    - Source.
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  • "The reports of my death have been greatly understated." - Morrissey

    (I was tempted to triple post this; goes with "underrated" discussion on the listening thread, and quotes du jour too.)
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  • I am still trying to understand the allure of posting album art although I see that Pinterest or something now has given users the capability of doing this. So I guess this is a thing now.
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    I mean I should know better than to get caught up in the corrupt politics of the grammy awards, but still

    How does Frank Ocean win over Miguel
  • Because as good as Miguel's album is, Frank's is better?

    At least Chris Brown didn't win. Other than the win that is convincing Rihanna to take his abusive ass back.

  • Shouldn't Frank Ocean use Autotune.

    I mean at least it doesn't hurt to listen to T-Pain
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    Hey, I actually have a Grammy album! The Black Keys.

    Kind of amused to see Bonnie Raitt's win in the "Americana" category. Guess if you stay around long enough, the genre comes to you...!

    ETA, I should add, I have most of the jazz winners...
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    It could be I missed it because I was listening from the other room or maybe the Jazz winners came on after my bedtime or something but I did not even hear the word Jazz.

    But plenty of camera time for Beyonce and Jay-Z ( and Chris Brown too).
  • I skipped Downton Abbey to watch the Superbowl but not for the Grammys, which I think says something about the Grammys, because I listen to lots of music, and watch almost no football generally.
  • Man, are you one of those Frank Ocean voice haters? If so, I don't get you guys, at all.

    I don't think Jazz was aired. There are A LOT of awards that aren't.

  • Same here, amclark2. The Super Bowl is an event, though. The Grammy's are just an opportunity for the music biz to show they know very little about what is actually quality music.

  • @ Craig

    No hate, its all good

    But I do think if you are going to call yourself a professional singer it implies that you can and will sing in tune.

    Otherwise, you are just Paris Hilton without tits
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    Wow, didn't realize they didn't show any jazz, at all. Seems like they could spare a minute for names like Pat Metheny and Chick Corea, but I guess that's my world.
    The Grammy's are just an opportunity for the music biz to show they know very little about what is actually quality music.
    They are downright hip compared to back in the day. Guess what the song and artist of the year were back in 1977? To be fair, album of the year was a pretty strong choice.
  • Seems like they could spare a minute for names like Pat Metheny and Chick Corea, but I guess that's my world.
    Corea and Stanley Clarke played Take Five in the last third of the show.
  • George Benson's This Masquerade was definitely worthy.

    He had the perfect balance between jazz-ish and R&B-ish without being smooth jazz-ish and it still holds up well even to this day.

    Benson is like the pied piper, he led a lot of us into jazz
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    Honestly, Jack White's weird sexual segregation of Rock and Roll deserves more attention. Girls can't fight on the front line, they can't rock out, I guess.
  • Ellen DeGeneres isn't interested in whether they can rock out:


  • Glad to hear that Chick appeared, will have to look for that video.

    No diss meant to Benson, for sure...I could say the same for Mangione, around that same era. My slam was aimed squarely at "I Write the Songs" and, even more awfully, Starland Vocal Band!

    That Ellen picture is priceless.
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