• Looking desperately for mention of The Onion somewhere in that story...
  • See this Huffington Post article or click through to their ads; believe it or not Andrew WK isn't te most offensive thing about this ad campaign.
  • Oh my g...
  • Psyched about this...

  • I saw an advert in our Sunday newspaper this week for a UK festival that this basically sums up pretty well!!
  • I love that The Lumineers and Kendrick Lamar get specifically listed.

  • That's hysterical. And yeah, The Lumineers are at every festival.
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    Today's Doonesbury comments on Kickstarter and the music biz.

    Those of us who follow the strip are concerned this relationship between Leo and Skye is getting a little too cozy. (He's married to Alex Doonesbury.)
  • Big News: I heard that Aboriginal Musicians that play to Techno Beats might be on the main stage.
  • So as you're walking into the library, you see them putting a CD on the "book sale" shelf. You go to check it out - Could be something really good, for just a dollar!

    Oh. Hootie and the Blowfish. Better luck next time...
  • Weird, I just read that article about 20 minutes ago. Very bizarre story.
  • 971980_10151541145437732_472724189_n.jpg

    Jesse Jackson v. Marvin Gaye

  • I think Uncle Tom's Cabin would be more enjoyable if it took place in a Candy store.
  • Lol @ Doofy. Hilarious. My brother-in-law DJs a bit along with a cousin. They should find that tumblr hilarious.
  • DJ Chef is the man.

  • Detroit declares bankruptcy?! WTF.
  • My only WTF on the Detroit situation is how they were able to put it off this long.

  • When will we be able to buy a piece of Detroit, cheap?

    But seriously, it's a crazy situation. I went to graduate school with a guy born in Detroit, but mostly raised in Dearborn. He's lived there his entire life, so was able to find gems in the debris.
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    Scuse me if I'm late to the party on this, but:
    About Us
    Naturally, no one knows more about music than musicians. They talk about their own work all the time, but they rarely get to talk about other people's music. That's what the Talkhouse is all about: smart, distinguished musicians from all genres and generations writing about the latest releases. And there's a twist: there will be comments for each piece — but only from the artist who's being written about. The idea is promote dialogue between musicians who may never have interacted otherwise, and for Talkhouse readers to have a ringside seat to this unique exchange.

    For example, Lou Reed likes "Yeezus", Vijay Iyer is lukewarm towards Boards of Canada, and most recently Matthew Shipp kind of rips Keith Jarrett.

    Learned about this via Destination:Out, who else?
  • I just discovered that site myself today, via chatter on twitter about the Shipp-Jarrett article. Neat site.
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    That review really stirs up the Shipp, as I suppose it was intended to do. Certainly using the M-word ("Muzak") is lobbing in a live grenade in there; only thing more provocative might be the K-word ("Kenny G")

    Similarly the snipe about white middle-aged jazz critics...Where does that leave Jack DeJohnette? How about Kenny Barron, who has also spent most of the last few decades gorgeously revisiting standards?

    That said, Shipp's out there pushing on the edges as much as anybody, and it is obviously interesting to hear what he has to say. Hard to disagree that there's a culture of virtuoso veneration (building on the ancestor worship) that has grown up around this kind of music.
  • First off, I am reluctant to get too intellectual in a thread titled "WTF".

    Secondly, I think that the Talkhouse website accomplished exactly what they intended (to get some shit started).

    Thirdly, I never could get into Keith Jarrett's music and never took time to try to figure it out but apparently the Matthew Shipp fellow has pretty well articulated it. No disrespect to Keith Jarrett, I simply don't like his music. I don't like brussel sprouts, so what. I do think Mr. Shipp is definitely on the right trail when he talks about music as a language. The old dudes from the 40's knew this, I'm not sure the point hasn't been lost on newer generations of musicians. But what do I know I'm just an asshole music fan.

    Now lets turn the tables on Mr. Shipp and see if he can walk the walk
  • Talk about being late to the party. I want to comment on DJ Chef. It returned my mind to an unfortunate incident where I briefly became confused and tried to scratch with the omlette pan. Since that time I listen to my iPod while cooking.
  • Another shooting story a friend told me the other day, and he's not someone who makes up stories to make himself look important.

    He's about 10 years old than I and he grew up in Houston. He said that on Christmas day 1954 he went to an auditorium downtown to hear a singer named Johnny Ace. He says he was the only white guy in the place: this was, after all, Houston in 1954. Before the show began someone came out on the stage and announced that there had been an accident backstage and the show was cancelled.
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    If only...
  • That is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen.

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