• I was raised Baptist, so I ain't got a nickel in this dime

    But how does the Pope give a two week notice and peace out
  • Yeah, it's a bit of a papal cop-out. He was supposed to suck it up and die with his boots on, as his predecessor (and, ya know, Jesus) did.
  • Hey, Joe Ratzinger, when you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle.
  • Also not a Catholic. My thoughts are that the Pope is supposed to be appointed by God (I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong), so resigning that appointment seems like sticking your tongue out at the power you believe to be your creator. A questionable decision to me from that perspective. On the other hand, I can appreciate someone realizing they can no longer handle the rigors of their job (I often wish judges would realize the same thing).

  • Not Catholic, either. According to news today, he told confidantes in the Vatican last April that he planned to resign. I am assuming that memory problems of some sort are increasing, along with physical frailty. Can you imagine the head of the church no longer being able to conduct public ceremonies if he couldn't remember what he was supposed to do? Major assumption, I know. I can't bring myself to joke about this -- I have too many devout Catholic friends who are taking this hard. Lots of Catholics in this community.
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    Mommio, that's an interesting theory on cognitive issues. If so, I hope they will be open about that...we're dealing with it in my family (wife's mom) at the moment.

    Raised Catholic, so I feel entitled to voice my hope the next Pope will be a Latin/South American or African.
  • I feel entitled to voice my hope the next Pope will be a Latin/South American or African.
    Black Pope and black POTUS? Heads will explode.
  • There's a bullshit tracking app???

    Is it on Android?
  • I was only able to find a bullshit identifier and bullshit generator. No tracker.
  • Presumably B-16 thought that the Ailing Pontiff Death Watch, as seen with the previous pope, was something the church would be better off avoiding.
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    Well, what are the odds on a black Pope?

    ETA: You can get 1000:1 odds on Bono as the next Pontiff! Somebody needs to place this bet for Katrina.
  • I love the 666:1 odds on Richard Dawkins at that same link.
  • I think "Oscar Pistorius charged with murder" merits a WTF.
  • Found on Twitter, from Eve Beglarian
    excellent gun control idea: let's turn them all into musical instruments! (from Mozambique: an Ak-47 turned into a saxophone)
  • Watch asteroid 2012 DA14 buzz past earth harmlessly, via streaming video

    The money quote "The dinosaurs didn't have a space program so they couldn't discover asteroids and they couldn't do anything about it".

    Yeah, stupid dinosaurs couldn't even deflect giant life ending meteors. Wait...

    And then we find out about this
  • Bruce Willis knows what to do.

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    Experts proclaim the two events are unrelated.
    Prof. Alan Fitzsimmons, an astronomer at the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast, told the BBC that 2012 Da14 approached Earth from the south, while the meteor struck the Earth’s atmosphere in the northern hemisphere, indicating that the objects were traveling in different directions.

    This can only mean one thing
  • As bad as that movie is, I absolutely love it.

    I was watching the NASA stream of the asteroid. It wasn't as thrilling as I'd hoped watching a white dot cross a black screen which shifted whenever it got to the edge. At one point the dot turned into a short line about this size: --. That was pretty cool.

  • It was no Dr. Strangelove, but Mars Attacks! was a great parody.
  • Yet another bizarre shooting story, this one involving jazz. link
  • The band’s manager was unharmed.

    The LAPD shot up like 2 or 3 carloads of people looking for this Dorner dude. My question is how much is their insurance liability limit.

    Kind of makes you nostalgic for the good old days
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    Who wants to buy a sax?
    John Coltrane OWNED & STAGE PLAYED Alto Saxophone With FULL DOCUMENTATION
    We are extremely proud to offer John Coltrane's personal alto saxophone, owned by the jazz giant and played during his 1966 tour of Japan. This prototype Yamaha saxophone was sold by the John Coltrane Foundation at the legendary Guernsey's Jazz Auction in February 2005, and is extensively documented. The auction description reads, in part, "Yamaha Nippon Gakki Alto Saxophone, made in Japan, serial #015 with case. This alto saxophone was produced in 1966...and was gifted by the Yamaha Corporation (who) requested that John Coltrane inspect and evaluate it. This prototype saxophone became the model "YAS-1" in 1967."


    I bet if we started selling eMuser targeted ads, we could get enough to buy this. Eventually....
  • @Doofy - Hey, free shipping!

    @amclark2 - ...
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