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  • Those in the UK might find A Sound British Adventure or interest.
    Comedian Stewart Lee is passionate about electronic music and he take us on a remarkable musical journey. We discover how, after the Second World War, a small group of electronic pioneers began tinkering with their army surplus kit to create new sounds and music.

    Tristram Cary started the first electronic music studio in Britain but, while France, Germany, Italy and the USA had lavishly funded research centres, British electronic music remained the preserve of boffins on a budget.

    As the programme reveals, this make do and mend approach prevailed long after austerity Britain had given way to the swinging 60s, with Peter Zinovieff developing EMS synthesizers from a shed at the bottom of his garden in Putney. (Paul McCartney put on his wellies and took a look). Zinovieff is interviewed about his experiments in sound.

    Unsurprisingly, the electronic community in Britain was a small, intimate group and joining Cary and Zinovieff was Daphne Oram, who devoted decades to developing a 'drawn sound' electronic composition system that never really quite worked.

    Brian Hodgson tells us about 1960s experimental and electronic festivals, including The Million Volt Light and Sound Rave (1967) at which The Beatles' electronic piece Carnival Of Light had its only public airing. We shall also hear how the radiophonic workshop broke new musical ground with Dr. Who.

    Experts in the history of electronic music, including author and musician Mark Ayers and Goldsmiths College lecturer in computer studies Dr. Michael Grierson give the boffins' view and Portishead's Adrian Utley explains why the early forays in electronics are still relevant today.

    Produced by John Sugar
    A Sugar Production for BBC Radio 4.

  • Plong42 said:

    Terry Riley, in C, Courtesy of @rostasi - Thanks! 
    Thanks from me too . . .

    httpsf4bcbitscomimga3377396433_14jpg httpsf4bcbitscomimga3830355081_14jpg

  • New at eMusic, as is the Criss Cross album above
  • The Clash - Black Market Clash

    followed by

    Sunflower Bean - Human Ceremony
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    Urban Sax - Gilbert Artman & others
    1977                                                                        1978
    1985                                                                          1991 (ps. Terrific!!!)

    Each album just gets a little better than the one before and I really enjoyed the first.
    Now I'm really looking forward to next one.
    2014     Inside                                                               2000  Quad Sax - Quad Sax

    2018  URBI-FLAT8 Petites Pièces De Variété 
    Gilbert Artman featuring Jac BerrocalBernard Weber,
    Frédéric Acquaviva and Emiko Ota among others

    Thanks to @Brighternow & @djh for the introductions.
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    I saw Jess Glynne on Breakfast TV this morning, so I am now listening to a playlist on Amazon Prime.  
  • Amber Skies

    Old favorite. All-legend lineup of Joe Henderson, Chick Corea, Airto, Paul Horn and Paul Motian. 1984 release
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    released June 1, 2018
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    Release date: 25 May 2018

    Release date: 25 May 2018
  • Well, perfect timing - Thanks to @rostasi

    CD 3 - In C
  • Time for one more shorter version.
    1. In C pt.1 15:52
    2. In C pt.2 11:00

    Terry Riley's "In C" as interpreted by NYX 12/21/13.
    Bandcamp nyop
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    Okay, one more. I've really enjoyed the last 2....made me download this tonight. I can't even imagine there could be a bad version of In C.

    2002 re-sound - In C
    An electroacoustic performance

    Ps. I'm going to have to keep looking, this was another most enjoyable listen!
  • Well, anyone that would include a version of In C on their album deserves a listen.

    Tr.12    Bandcamp nyop
  • Back to the garden...
    The Silent Ballet Volume I                                        The Silent Ballet Volume Two

    The Silent Ballet Volume III                                       The Silent Ballet Volume 4
    Internet Archive
  • My Wife and I have just both fallen asleep while listening to a friend's Death Metal / Grindcore compilation at volume. Old people know it all... Sun and drink may have been involved.
  • Underworld
    2002                                                                  2006

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    Back to the garden...
    The Silent Ballet Volume 5                                        The Silent Ballet Volume VI

    The Silent Ballet Volume 7                                       The Silent Ballet Volume 8
                                                                Internet Archive

    PS. I'd just have to mention how much my Wife & I enjoyed todays mix. It fit right in!!!
  • Bach Six Solo Cello Suites
    This might just be my new favorite version. Not too rushed or dramatic, musical, beautiful tone.

  • Joni Mitchell - Heilja

    Soothing balm at the end of a very hectic day
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    With thanks to @Plong42
    recorded and released 1989, Celestial Harmonies

    Celestial Harmonies is on Emusic, but not this one . . .
  • Frank Turner - Be More Kind

    A true return to form after a couple of not so good albums.
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    Presenting the fairly new Danish "atmospheric black metal / nordic folk" darling:

    Mareridt (translation: Nightmare) is the highly anticipated sophomore full-length from renowned Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist MYRKUR. Recorded between Copenhagen and Seattle with producer Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Earth, Sunn O))), Boris, Wolves In The Throne Room), Mareridt is a rich juxtaposition of the dark and the light; the moon and the mother earth; the witch and the saint. MYRKUR explores deeper into the mysterious and the feminine with 11 tracks that further progress her visionary blend of metal with gorgeous, stirring melodies, dark folk passages, choral arrangements and superb, horrific beauty. Further taking MYRKUR to new artistic heights are lyrics in multiple languages, an unforgettable collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe and an array of special instrumentation including violin, mandola, folk drums, nyckelharpa (an ancient Swedish key harp), and Kulning (an ancient Scandinavian herding call). Mareridt is a profound manifestation of nightmares that demonstrates MYRKUR as one of the truly exceptional artists of our time.
    - excellent stuff, BTW.
    Billedresultat for myrkur 2017 
  • @brighternow I'm enjoying this but I keep thinking of Enya!
  • djh said:
    @brighternow I'm enjoying this but I keep thinking of Enya!

    Brand new on Sub Rosa / Bandcamp:
    Keywords: Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, The Pop Group, Red Crayola, This Heat...

    Belgian electronic improvised music band,
    active from 1980 to 1982. featuring
    Xavier Ess (Thrills)
    Guy-Marc Hinant 
    Alain Neffe (Insane Music, Bene Geserit)
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