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Avoiding whatever image Freshly Dropped conjures up for you, and in the hope that we might find something to discuss about that place actually involving music, instead of melodrama, I thought I'd just paste in the post I put on the eMu MB. Newly discovered items that might be of interest too. May there yet be tasty bits left on the carcass......

Just a couple of releases from the Freshly Ripped I felt deserved highlighting:
1. A smoking country guitarist I first heard of in Guitar Player magazine whose CDs I own - Classic Scotty by Scotty Anderson - very tasty and really talented.
2. A classic I almost wanted to download in spite of the fact I already own the records and the comprehensive box set - Buffalo Springfield Again - does it get much better?
3. A nice comp of boogie woogie piano players that rock it out at a nice price The Boogie Woogie Giants.


  • Very early EP from Los Lobos - And A Time To Dance.
    Santo Swings from Southern Culture On The Skids.
  • The new Okkervil River is up, but for today anyway it's a better deal on Amazon.
  • Thanks for reminding me of the Buffalo Springfiled CD. I won't download as I already have the LP and CD and in any caser it is not available in the UK, but it'll go on today's play list

    One new release I am enjoying as I play for the first time in Eliza Carthy's Neptune. Although heavily influenced by her folk music background, it is certainly very different from some of her traditional folk recordings and should help introduce her to a wider audience. I have not put the url as it is likely to be different in the US
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    A recent Thomas Köner album, [url=öner-Nuuk-MP3-Download/12519532.html]Nuuk[/url], has dropped for $3.43. Glacial ambient.
  • I already have both of these albums individually, but a remastered combined release of Caspian's first two albums just arrived at $5.99, effectively a deal because it's two albums in one (saves a couple of dollars over getting them separately). Pretty good ones too. Instrumental guitar-oriented post-rock. Can't comment on the remastering.
  • The extremely Joy-Divisionesque Christine Plays Viola (Bandcamp link) has released their first album today, Innocent Awareness (eMu link), which is actually a bit less Joy-Divisionesque than their Promo 2010 EP (Bandcamp link). But that's only because they've apparently found an additional singer to do Robert Smith impressions, probably to "spell" the guy who's doing the Ian Curtis impressions.

    Anyway, if you like Joy Division, The Cure, and "Darkwave" in general, it's not bad... and it's cheaper on eMu than it is at Bandcamp. If they sell a lot of copies, maybe they could afford to hire Rich Little to do all the vocals, which would allow them to do some George Burns and Johnny Carson stuff too.
  • Just found this $4.40 Fania Records comp which at the price is a nice way to edge your way into this kind of essential label. I was picking around because I got a couple of long tracks from more well known albums over at Guvera today, but this collection could serve as a skeleton for any collection.
  • I was prepared to be excited about this new one I want pretty badly - The Majestic Silver Strings - Buddy Miller, Marc Ribot, was it Frisell(?) and others, until I saw the $8.24 price tag. Yeah, yeah, it's cheaper than Amazon where it's $9.99, but even I know that's not 25%. So, the CD is $13 something so I guess I'll just go that way - paying over $8 for a digital album just doesn't feel righteous to me.
  • Nat Baldwin.
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    This collection of classic hot country guitar icons is a primer of the genre - Country Guitar Finger Pickin' Licks - contrary to the title it is not just finger picking but a collection of greats - Merle Travis, Jimmy Bryant, Chet Atkins, Joe Maphis, Hank Garland and others. Like a bottle of fine aged sourmash for the ears.

    I'm a day late with this one - Younger Than That Now - a little birthday tribute for the Bobster.
  • Thanks for the Dylan link BigD-Bluez. I followed the link but one of the problems of track pricing is that it is expensive for longer albums. Amazon have it at less half the price of emusic in the UK, to the extent when I even take my grandfathered plan plus bonus, it is still a better deal at Amazon UK
  • Hmm, this is a new one featuring Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Paul Butterfield - Live At The Lone Star Cafe. I am thus far underwhelmed from the samples, but I'm putting it out here because it is a 2 CD set for $4.40 if you're interested - it is $16 something at Amazon, $18 for the CD, so this price may be wrong.
  • I must admit I listened to the samples yesterday and decided not to download as I wasn't impressed, particulalry as it cost over £9. But I personally wouldn't have downloaded at £5 either. £3.50(ie $4.40) I might have downloaded...
  • Hadn't noticed they're having a Bob birthday sale, the highlight of which I'd say is The Basement Tapes for $7.99.
  • Though not my usual thing, that "Country Guitar Finger Pickin' Licks" sounds great. Thanks BigD. Also thanks for pointing out that Fania comp.
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    Interesting selection from one of my personal guitar heroes Roy Buchanan - Live At Rockpalast. Appears to be the audio counterpart to a DVD release I hunted up of the same title which is of a 2/24/85 Hamburg show - interesting set list. Will report back after digesting (will wait to DL at home). EDIT - After listening through this I would say it's more for Buchanan fans than average listeners - not the best audio mix and sound. Some great playing from Roy for the aficionado, but I'd recommend the vintage album Live Stock far more, and also American Axe - Live in 1974 for live Buchanan. As a Buchanan fan I am glad to have this release.

    Also interesting selection - Fine Gals, Fast Women, and Wailin' Daddies - a comp of early '50's R&B singles of Leiber&Stoller songs. 26 tracks, serious talent - if you're into this genre you have at least some of these but there are some I definitely have to fill in, and if you don't have them you might want to. These are gems.
  • Has anyone encountered this - Black Coffee by Ann Savoy and her Sleepless Knights? I was reading something,'s a nod to '30's/40's toi, into the SFL for now.

    And Buddy Miller's Majestic Silver Strings - I got the CD last week (unexpected bonus - DVD with a live song and a mini-doc) and liked it a lot - varied stroll of americanishness, very nicely played, not that flash but very good.
  • @BigD: I've known of the Savoy project but haven't heard a good or bad word about it. She's not herself Cajun, but rather a scholar of Francophonic cultures.
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    BigD, Thanks for the heads up on Ann Savoy, I've been waiting for this to show up. I have her other album in this vein and if Black Coffee is anywhere near as good it will be a great listen.
    Link to her previous; If Dreams Come true, which I highly recommend if you enjoy this type of music.
    edit: Also she is a founding member of the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band if you are into that type of music.
  • In the country arena there are new Joe Ely and a Rhonda Vincent/Gene Watson duets album out today.

    I think "Dang Me" from Majestic Silver Strings may be my favourite song of the year. It made me a bit obsessed with the word "surple."
  • Doh! I had If Dreams Come True on my SFL - my poor overworked brain. That new Joe Ely is the same price at Amazon, $6.99 MP3, as eMusic - liars, liars, yadda yadda. Thanks to one of the reviewers there I now know that David Grissom appears on at least some of it so that puts it on my radar - first time I saw them together was on some PBS tribute to Carl Perkins in the '80's, and I was like damn this guy can play. I'm hoping that the VHS I put it on is somewhere in our house - it's one of the reasons I got that VHS/DVD deck.
  • The retrospective of John Duffey came out on Rebel. It's kinda short, not all that impressive in terms of what it covers.
  • The South Memphis String Band finally made it to eMu. It's a Carolina Chocolate Drops-type project by members of Misssissippi All-Stars, though much more of a backporch affair. It got some hype last year among the bluegrass crowd.
  • 600x600.jpg
    - New World Records 2010
  • - A few that caught my attention from the Les Disques VICTO drop in:


    - And two from The Rova Saxophone Quartet:
    300x300.jpg 300x300.jpg
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    This one is neither freshly dropped nor new - I didn't see it land in April - but I spent a long while before I found any Colosseum II and this at $8.99 for the 2 disc set is rather less than I paid for it at the time - Strange New Flesh. As a Gary Moore fan I looked for material from his time in this band for some while before I found any so I figured I'd post it since it turned up in my Recommended For You this morning. Since it was put on eMu in April it hopefully is free of that Fraunhofer issue that affected the UMG family, including Sanctuary Fontana, last fall.

  • It is when I see albums like Colosseum II not available in the uK that I wish we had the majors! But I must hold the faith....
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    Just landed at emusic and right up on my download next list:

    The recent Pruitt Igoe single by Kangding Ray was remarkable, and this continues in the same vein. It can be previewed here. Recommended!
    Kangding’s tracks haste and heave with volatile glitch and skewed beat elegance, rendered through spartan rigor and ironclad funk – its dance music for a really cool party none of us have discovered yet.
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    A lot to digest - newly added 13 albums by Bill Frisell. Needless to say in this stage of eMu's devolution from beautiful butterfly to crawling invertebrate puke larva, none of them seem to be priced to fly off the shelf - some were below $6, some above $6, a couple a mystifying $9.09 - a nice round figure that. Sober decisions and careful sampling await.

    On a similar theme - is $6.99 the new $6.49?
    There seem to be a lot of releases of aged chestnuts at $6.99 this week - just an observation, I don't think I've vetched about any such subject for a few weeks. This doesn't even take into account the bunch of "newly added" New Rounder (same as the old Rounder, just more expensive) titles at $7.99. Gosh, I know I get all excited about the prospect of paying $7.99 for an album that would have cost me the equivalent of about $4.80 just 8 months ago, and I wish I could remember what I had on that SFL then but they all disappeared. Ah, nuts.

    And FWIW there are a lot of Nonesuch releases today.

    Also, anyone been following this series, Vol. 3 is newly added, GaragePunk Hideout? New to me, and some of the samples sound cool.
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