What are you listening to right now? (Covid-19th Nervous Breakdown)



  • Still floating over here.

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    Most recent bandcamp purchase - the full discography of The Heartwood Institute.

    One for fans of the Ghost Box label.

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    Comasummer is a psych/garage rock band created in 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Starting out as a duo and growing into a five-piece crew, they blend the psychedelic, garage, desert rock and shoegaze aesthetics to generate a sonic amalgam that fills up your mind after a listen.  

    'Out of the Sun' is # 8 among CMM's 40 best songs of 2015. “Channeling the spirits of The Doors, ... Moby Grape and The Animals, Bulgaria's Comasummer deliver an impressive E.P. of psych filled songs that sound undeniably cool... A top notch debut that leaves me wanting more." - Custom Made Music (USA)

    One of the 7 best Bulgarian albums of 2015. "Their music is a rare case for Sofia’s scene: they’re marked by psychedelic rock and their visual aesthetics rely on the 60’s/early 70’s." - Beehype (worldwide)

    Listed #13 among 111 psychedelic rock albums released during 2015. - Psychgazer (Spain)

    "The debut EP, 'Out of the Sun', is a 30-minute orgazmic flirt with the best of modern Californian surfy psychedelia, shoegaze and laid-back stoner rock, with quite enough guitar noise experiments that sound homogeneous and smartly interpreted without crossing the slight border with the chaotic and messed up noise." - Boyscout (Bulgaria) 

  • Johanne Riche : accordéon
    Arnaud Soidet : guitare
    Pascal Muller : guitare
    Nicolas Pautras : contrebasse
  • Well, firstly the family hasn't had any major problems and I can't seem to tear myself away from the TV long enough to enjoy listening to albums right now. Since this thread is still here I'll add that I hope Trump hasn't listened to Newman.

  • @confused you should send your family to live in Australia! In Melbourne, population nearly 5 million, we have just gone nine days without a single new case of Covid and no deaths. During the whole epidemic this year Australia, population 25 million, has had a total number of infections of under 28,000 and only 907 deaths. And it is a pretty good place as well!
    ^^^ Wouldn't want to hurt no kangaroo!  :)
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