What are you listening to (B)right(er)now? (22 Weight Lifting Lulus)



    Rhododendron - One
    Still catching up to old Emusic purchases.
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    Eta Le Gri-Gri radio seems like a good one: https://www.le-grigri.com/

  • The Robert Cray Band
    Bad Influence                                                       False Accusations
    Strong Persuader                                                 That's What I Heard    archive.org
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    by Himlakropp

  • Rory Gallagher
    Deuce                                                                    Blueprint
  • Black Country New Road - Ants From Up There
  • Bow Street Runners s/t album from 1970. 

    One of the best Psychedelic/Garage albums from that period.

  • Roy Montgomery
    Temple IV                                                            The Allegory Of Hearing
    Roy Montgomery / Grouper                                 Q: Transient Global Amnesia
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    “ The Escarpment Sessions Vol. 1” by Stonehouse just for the one track “Time & Time Again” which I can’t seem to help playing time and time again!

    Top 1970s style rock but released in 2020.


  • Prazsky Vyber biography
    Prazsky Vyber, at their peak of fame and success represented the very best of new wave music, yet this characterization represents only a snapshot of the band's history. Similarly to Robert Fripp & Co., they have always been keen to revamp their sound according to times, while keeping certain trademarks intact. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. The band was founded in 1976 and was actually a small selection of musicians from the Prague Big Band, hence the name Prazsky Vyber, meaning Prague Selection. At the helm of pianist Michael Kocab, the only constant member throughout its history, the band was playing sophisticated jazz-fusion, as documented on their debut album from 1978 entitled "Zizen" (Thirst).
    At the heart of the next legendary era, was the meeting of two minds, Michael Kocab and guitarist Michal Pavlicek. The two had already worked together in jazz-rock bands Bohemia and Mahagon but this time Pavlicek approached Kocab to collaborate on something completely different, having recently been exposed to new wave music at a festival in Reading, UK. Since Pavlicek's band Expanze was defunct, they used Kocab's name Prazsky Vyber for the new project. The rhythm section consisted of Pavlicek's former bandmate from Expanze Jiri Hrubes on drums, and Ondrej Soukup on bass. The band not only embraced new wave as a musical style but also its image. They wore makeup, strange hairstyles and wigs. The musical style from this time is very well characterized by this excerpt from the Encyclopedia of Jazz and Modern Popular Music: "along with aggressive rock, (they) borrowed some vocal inspiration from the related punk-rock (style, lack of melodic singing, recitation), though compared to punk primitivism (they) created a complex musical structure, utilizing a wide palette of styles and creative abilities of the musicians. Their jazz background swayed them away from mainstream pop music, but at the same time (they) also avoided complicated forms of 70s rock (ie. art rock). Plethora of melodic, harmonic and arranging ideas were framed in 4/4 bars: incessantly pulsating hard rhythm with catchy bass figures driving Kocab's short synth motives, which appear and then disappear, and Pavlicek's excellent guitar riffs". Another trademark of theirs was the use of a non-sensical spontaneous language made to resemble English which they termed "svahilstina". Kocab claims that they only used svahilstina because they didn't have time or the ability to write real lyrics until they found a lyricist in Fr. Ringo Cech.
    In 1981 Soukup was replaced by ex-Zikkurat bass player Vilem Cok, and in this line-up the band recorded "Straka v hrsti" (Magpie in a Handful), some of which was a part of a movie of the same name directed by Juraj Herz. Communist authorities immediately banned the album and the movie, but it spread throughout Czechoslovakia like wildfire from tape to tape making Prazsky Vyber probably the best known rock band in the country. By the time of its official release in 1988, it had already attained cult status. Between 1983 and 1985 the band was totally banned, but they regrouped in 1986 under the shortened name Vyber and released a self-titled album the next year. They played a special concert with a special guest Frank Zappa (wailing on his guitar for the first time in years!) on June 24, 1991, celebrating the departure of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia. The concert is documented on the album "Adieu C.A." (Farewell Soviet Army). Since the late 80s the band hasn't been all that active, what with Pavlicek focusing on his own band Stromboli, among other musical projects, and Kocab getting into politics. A more modernized style can be heard on the 1997 comeback Ber, a mature album full of clever arrangements, though Prazsky Vyber will undoubtedly best be remembered for the 80s era, when they represented a passionate struggle against government censorship, though only as a bonus to their awesome music.

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    I always think of this album this time of year. One of those obscure releases found on emusic a decade or more ago (above link goes to bandcamp) and released by someone who does not seem to have released anything since. I find it the perfect soundtrack to walking home in the dark in ten-degrees-below-freezing temperatures through a desolate winter landscape. Full of mournful scrapes, moans, and crackles with plaintive strings and some piano. It's supposed to evoke lonely polar explorers, and it really succeeds. It's the music the ice listens to.
  • New release on the ever-interesting Longform Editions label. This is really hitting the spot. Percussion and tenor sax improvised duet that feels in the spirit of, say, Sons of Kemet, but less raucous and more meditative and cosmic. (Not quite what I expected from someone with three xs in their name). Great stuff.
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    @rostasi thanks very much for the intro to Prazsky Vyber. They are an amazing band!

    Following your prompting, I have now listened to a number of their albums and it is fascinating how their style has developed over the years.
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    @peterfrederics the download links are not easy to spot on LiveJazzLounge. Look for the title of the recording (usually the date and venue) just above the track listing and click on it - that is generally the link.

    Many thanks GP, too! Although I've downloaded from the site before, I tried recently and got nowhere with it. I'll try again

    i've been 'off-air' for a week or so, as I had what is loosely called elective surgery  a knee replacement joint. Literally, getting back on my feet now! I prepared a playlist or the operation, as i had an epidural injection rather than being fully out - it proved a good way not to hear what was going on, listening to music on headphones! Although I admit I was quite drowsy too.Now recovring at home

    Venus and Mars
     I'm currently reading a Christmas present book on McCartney's songs, so listening to his music too

  • @greg - here's hoping your recovery goes smoothly.
    Sam Shalabi
    Eid                                                                       Shalabi Effect - Feign To Delight Gaiety Of Gods
    The Dwarfs of East Agouza - Bes   (Alan BishopMaurice LoucaSam Shalabi)
  • Bobby Weir amp Wolf Bros Live in Colorado Album Review  Pitchfork

    In today's mail..

  • Under The Table And Dreaming ReIssue CD or Download - Dave Matthews Band
    Dave Matthews Band - "Under the Table and Dreaming"

  • Spiritualized - Live in Reykjavík, Iceland - 1st July 2010

  • @greg Congrats on the knee, I had mine done last August. Unlike you though I had morphine then an epidural so I was right out. Stumbling around with a zimmer frame two hours later. BUT I had a bad first night with the morphine itch which I wouldn't wish on anyone!

    Latest from my Cantaloupe subscription a short - 15 minute work for flutes etc.

  • ICP Septet + Joris Roelofs + Terrie Ex:
    Komen & Gaan

  • Greg, hope the knee is getting better , one of my friends mum's just had them done at 90, she is have a 2nd wind no so hope all goes well for you.
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