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While spying upon our loverly group's lastfm pages, I found some great badges. Widgits. Whatevers. Whachamacallits.
If lastfm has a central place they keep these things, I didn't find it.

So I thought I'd post my faves here, and you can too!


  • Latfm tools by Shoxrox is so cool...
    here is my tag cloud

    [align=center] normal_thumb.png [/align]
  • a similar cloud, but arranged by artist:
    [align=center] normal_thumb.png [/align]
  • By album - these are overall, you can set it for 3 months or 6 months, etc

    [align=center] overall_thumb.png [/align]
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    There are some Shoxrox friends graphs that are also cool which I will not post....but I recommend checking them out, an insight to what you didn't know you needed.

    onto my next site,


    edit 17 Jun 2011: just noticed, they moved their website




    Somebody stop me....
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    Top artist spiral, last 12 months:

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    A test. Can you pass? Why yes you can, just play music

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  • [align=center] 6month_thumb.png [/align]

    My last six months....
  • These are so frickin' cool. Here's my last 6 months:

    [align=center] 6month_thumb.png [/align]

    Too bad I can't scrobble CDs played in the car, because The Black Keys, Caribou, and Sufjan would all be way more prominant.
  • [align=center] normal_thumb.png [/align]
  • [align=center] 3month_thumb.png [/align]

  • Red

    Total albums played, I just eclipsed 9000....
  • I get this, helpful!

  • My album cloud:

    [align=center] 6month_thumb.png [/align]

  • I'm also a fan of milestone tracks:

    Last.FM Milestones
    35000th track: (09 Feb 2010)
    [artist]Yeasayer[/artist] - [track artist=Yeasayer]O.N.E.[/track]
    40000th track: (29 Mar 2010)
    [artist]Passion Pit[/artist] - [track artist=Passion Pit]Seaweed Song[/track]
    45000th track: (19 May 2010)
    [artist]Jack Pe
  • Nanker, I am so NOT surprised to see Dylan at the middle of your artist cloud!
    Don't know what's up with the boxes instead of number on your albums played. I Saw something similar and I changed the font on it, and it worked.

    I tried to do a milestones (like Craig posted) but i can't figure out my earliest scrobbles, for some reason.
  • Heh, indeed I am what we call a Dylan Tragic however there are many 3 month blocks where I barely listen to him at all, and then I'll listen obsessively for a while. This past 3 month has seen a spike because I discovered a bootleg of the Toronto (Massey Hall) April 20th 1980 gig which is just sensational. It's a total gospel show, but I think that era is (the live gigs anyway) underrated and my second favourite live Bob era after Rolling Thunder and I listened to that album a bunch recently. I've reached out to my Dylan connections to get the DVD of the show too, which Sony recorded professionally but never officially released.

    And in the last week or so the release of the Bootleg 9 Series discs gave Bob a bump in my numbers too.

    In my artist cloud too it has "Delaney and Bonnie and Friends" and "Delaney and Bonnie & Friends" as two separate. How annoying.

    I'll try the font thing, thanks.
  • [align=center]
    Last.FM Milestones
    10000th track: (16 Jan 2008)
    [artist]Lee Ritenour[/artist] - [track artist=Lee Ritenour]Red Baron[/track]
    20000th track: (28 May 2008)
    [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Bob Dylan]Tell Me, Momma[/track]
    30000th track: (10 Aug 2008)
    [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Bob Dylan]Call Letter Blues[/track]
    40000th track: (25 Nov 2008)
    [artist]4 Letter Holiday[/artist] - [track artist=4 Letter Holiday]She Always Notices Me (Undecided Demo Version)[/track]
    50000th track: (19 Feb 2009)
    [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Bob Dylan]Meet Me in the Morning[/track]
    60000th track: (09 May 2009)
    [artist]Jakob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Jakob Dylan]All Day And All Night[/track]
    70000th track: (06 Aug 2009)
    [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Bob Dylan]As I Went Out One Morning[/track]
    80000th track: (26 Dec 2009)
    [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Bob Dylan]Baby Please Don't Go[/track]
    90000th track: (23 Mar 2010)
    [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - [track artist=Bob Dylan]Moonshiner[/track]
    100000th track: (25 May 2010)
    [artist]Belle and Sebastian[/artist] - [track artist=Belle and Sebastian]The Fox in the Snow[/track]
    110000th track: (11 Aug 2010)
    [artist]Julie Miller[/artist] - [track artist=Julie Miller]Naked Heart[/track]
    Generated on 25 Oct 2010
    Get yours here

    This differs from Gotcha's track grabber, for some reason. This one has stopped working, I manually added the last one (which was not Julie Miller!)

    10000: [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
    20000: [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - Ballad of a Thin Man
    30000: [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - Blind Willie McTell
    40000: [artist]Arnold Schönberg[/artist] - Pelleas und Melisande, Op. 5
    50000: [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - Meet Me in the Morning
    60000: [artist]Warren Zevon[/artist] - Rottweiler Blues
    70000: [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] - I Pity The Poor Immigrant
    80000: [artist]Neil Young[/artist] - Old Man
    90000: [artist]Electric Light Orchestra[/artist] - Nightrider
    100000: [artist]Belle and Sebastian[/artist] - A Century Of Elvis
    110000: [artist]Bruce Springsteen[/artist] - Froggie Went a Courtin'
    110000: [artist]Bob Dylan[/artist] – In the Summertime

    gotcha by anniversary tracks grabber
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    This one is pretty cool as well, you can sort the list by minutes played. Miles Davis and Grateful Dead leapfrog the Beatles since those are mostly short tracks compared to the jazz / jam tracks. John Coltrane moves up 27 spots by minutes played, as does Beethoven. Johnny Cash is the biggest loser, dropping 18 slots when sorted for total time not tracks.

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    normalisr's cool, I've used it for a while, but unfortunately I think it only uses average track lengths based on some discographical sample rather than actual minutes played. I'm surprised and disappointed that doesn't do this approach already, since presumably they have (or could have) actual time played for each recorded track.

  • Uh-oh, my obsession with stats is going nuts over here. A friend of mine has the milestone tacks thing on his page and I assumed at one point that he was doing it manually.
    Last.FM Milestones
    5000th track: (20 Jun 2005)
    [artist]Cameo[/artist] - [track artist=Cameo]Candy[/track]
    10000th track: (27 Apr 2006)
    [artist]The Hold Steady[/artist] - [track artist=The Hold Steady]Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night[/track]
    15000th track: (10 Nov 2006)
    [artist]The BellRays[/artist] - [track artist=The BellRays]Change The World[/track]
    20000th track: (08 May 2007)
    [artist]John Mayer[/artist] - [track artist=John Mayer]Neon[/track]
    25000th track: (10 Sep 2007)
    [artist]Oranger[/artist] - [track artist=Oranger]Falling Stars[/track]
    30000th track: (12 Jan 2008)
    [artist]The Decemberists[/artist] - [track artist=The Decemberists]The Perfect Crime #2[/track]
    35000th track: (02 Apr 2008)
    [artist]Neutral Milk Hotel[/artist] - [track artist=Neutral Milk Hotel]Naomi[/track]
    40000th track: (26 Jun 2008)
    [artist]The Black Maria[/artist] - [track artist=The Black Maria]Waking Up With Wolves[/track]
    45000th track: (22 Sep 2008)
    [artist]Ella Fitzgerald[/artist] - [track artist=Ella Fitzgerald]Why Can't You Behave?[/track]
    50000th track: (22 Jan 2009)
    [artist]The Wedding Present[/artist] - [track artist=The Wedding Present]Spangle[/track]
    55000th track: (30 Apr 2009)
    [artist]Camera Obscura[/artist] - [track artist=Camera Obscura]Happy New Year[/track]
    60000th track: (07 Aug 2009)
    [artist]quasimode[/artist] - [track artist=quasimode]The Land of Freedom[/track]
    65000th track: (30 Nov 2009)
    [artist]Neko Case[/artist] - [track artist=Neko Case]Polar Nettles[/track]
    70000th track: (26 Mar 2010)
    [artist]The Smiths[/artist] - [track artist=The Smiths]This Charming Man[/track]
    75000th track: (10 Jul 2010)
    [artist]Blonde Redhead[/artist] - [track artist=Blonde Redhead](I Am Taking Out My Eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off[/track]
    Generated on 25 Oct 2010
    Get yours here

    I did use normalisr a few times to see how much of a difference it made. Orbital definitely climbed up the charts.
  • indieb0i.jpg

    Yup, Orbital and Can skyrocket while BMSR drops out of the picture.
  • cafreema.jpg

    Unsurprisingly, Fela moves up 26 spots.

    Katrina - The milestone tracks doesn't get my first 35,000 or so because it can't make out the order from the initial scrobble of my iTunes. I assume that's the same issue you are having.

  • Btw, do any users know ways of browsing one's library in subsetted views? Like see all entries tagged (elsewhere) with 'jazz' or whatever? One problem is I don't tag anything myself, but practically all the music is tagged in the database, and it would be nice to drill down into the library via any tags. Alternatively, are there ways to autotag scrobbled entries? The whole tagging mechanism seems way too piecemeal and clunky for my tastes, since I am not overly incentivized to tag anything in particular.
  • Wow, I was just happy with the artist's chart.

    I like the idea of tracking minutes, since the play count is a little misleading for jazz, electronic, and classical albums. I will have to look into my milestones.
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    @kargatron, I can't see any way to do that. For instance my genre cloud has some genres I am sure are not tagged on my tracks - only in lastfm - like "chillout", or "Canadian".
    In lastfm, I can only find a way to look at it song-by-song.

    That chart is way cool and even cooler since Plong42 pointed out it can be sorted by track time!

    Hey Nank - is that duplicate artist on your tracks, or lastfm's? The Delaney and Bonnie '&' vs 'and'.

    Oh, look! I'm a Wolverine!

    There's a cool pie chart, but I can't get it to work for my lastfm userid.
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