Amazon Daily mp3 Download Deals

When you notice a good MP3 deal from, post it here.

As CaptainWrong has already noted elsewhere, today's deal is John Coltrane's Interstellar Space for $2.99.


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    Great idea!

    Throw Me the Statue's new album Creaturesque is the deal of the day today for $3.99.
  • I wish Amazon would do this in the UK as well, we get a few free tracks and 'special deals' but they're mostly not very special at all.
  • Sorry to hear that xtrev. I still use eMu more than any other music service, but keep an eye on Amazon both it's album of the day, 30 albums for $5.00 and the occasional sale. I've definitely bought more from Amazon than iTunes in the last two years or so.
  • Excellent thread idea - I've picked up more from them than iTunes as well the last several months. Actually can't remember the last thing I did get from iTunes except podcasts (French, Italian - to learn in all that spare time...someday. Coverville for covers, GaragePunk). As for Amazon freebies have gotten some really decent stuff, and anybody who hasn't gotten the Jeff Beck freebie Blanket featuring Imogen Heap (as seen on the Ronnie Scott's DVD) - Get It Now! Trust me, it's gorgeous.
  • This is dragging OT but there are some great NPR All Songs Considered Podcasts that many people here would love. It's became a source of if not finding out about new artists, at least learning when a group I like has a new album out.
  • Yeah, that podcast was mentioned in the Dead Weather thread a few days ago. Someone aso mentioned the NPR Live Concerts, too.
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    Today's deal ($3.99) is Julian Plenti...Is Skyscraper.
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    The Doors' LA Woman (40th Anniversary Mixes) is $2.99 right now.
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    And here is the second best-selling artist (after 'Various artists) at today. Home of Pascale, Voltaire, Diderot, La France restera toujours la France!

    (And it's a bargain at 16 Euros for 60 tracks)
  • Today's deal - 50 mp3 tracks for $1.99, 50 Essential Tangos by Various Artists (Carlos Gardel, Libertad Lamarque, Alberta Garralda, Astor Piazzola, Susana Lago, and more. I thought this might interest some of the World Music people.
  • I'm sorta kicking myself for not picking up the Warren Zevon and James Taylor deals earlier this week. Sure, their greatest hits are in my collection, but I like having the actual albums.
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    World Music Festival
    LOTS of free samplers today! Get 'em while they're hot!
  • Nickelback? WTF?
  • A great classical deal. Today's (08/30/09) offering is "The 99 Most Essential Pieces of the Romantic Era", a classical compilation of 99 songs totaling over 13.5 hours of music for three bucks. I don't know how good much of this music is any good, but for someone like myself who's just trying to figure out what classical music I like, it's a great opportunity.
    Here's the link...
  • Saw this posted on eMusic. Apparently the Special Edition of the last Ladyhawke CD is a free download (but individual tracks are $0.99). Not sure if it's an error, but if so I hope it lasts until I get home and can download it: Link.

  • Wow, thanks a lot for that one Craig. Never got around to checking that album out - I will now!
  • Dang it. It didn't last until I got home.

  • Today, 9/4/09, it's a Billie Holiday compilation, I think it was 2.99, but that was this morning, a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.....TGIF!
  • Free sampler from Anti-: Link.

  • I grabbed today's Kid Cudi debut. What can I say? Sometimes the trendy kids are right.
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    Today, September 16, 2009, the Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day is Led Zeppelin Definitive Collection Box Set - 12 CDs, for $99.99, which is 50% off the list price, and $60 off Amazo's usual price. I'm not a big enough fan to spend this much, so this is out of my league, but my older daughter would jump on it!

    If you want the special price, buy it at the Gold Box Deal of the Day page.
  • Sept. 18th Today's deal is 99 Baroque Masterpieces, for $1.99, if you fancy such collections.
  • Enjoy Every Sandwich, a Tribute to Warren Zevon. There's alot of great music onthis one for only $1.99. That's less that the cost of a good sandwich.
  • Do they also have a free song of the day?

    Every few weeks I get an email from Amazon that lists at least one sampler and a dozen or so free tracks.
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    Yes, Katrina, they do have a free song. Check this page for the MP3 Daily Deal and the Free Song of the Day. Today's song is from Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • Thanks for the link. I missed the Jerry Lee, and already have today's...but it's bookmarked for the future!
  • Today the deal is Monsters of Folk (M. Ward, Connor Oberst, Jim James,& Mike Mogis). I think I will get it.
  • OK, I understand 'Monsters of Metal' and 'Monsters of Rock', but Monsters of Folk has a wrongness about it that I can't put my finger on....
    Looking at the album cover, they could have called themselves the Weird Beards.
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    Callipash posted about it over there, and I jumped on it. Listening to it now. Better bit rate at Amazon for only a bit more and well worth the download -- for me, anyway.

    Edit: Of course, it took a few hours to download on dialup, but it now resides in my iTune library.
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