More Great Music on Amie Street for less than $4

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Not to be presumptuous, but I think the other thread is too long and it's about time someone start a new one.

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Tonight I stumbled on a great label that anyone who is a fan of dirty Jazzy Funk should check out - Out There Records.

It was apparently started by the guy who runs Stone's Throw Records. About half the albums are reissues of lost classics and the other half are organic sounding neo-Funk. I liked what I heard so much, that I spent about $45 worth of credit to buy all 14 albums they have on Amie.

Standouts on first hearing. The L.A. Carnival, Amnesty, Cold Heat Compilation, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, Connie Price and the Keystones, and The Whitefield Brothers (who have two albums under separate listings).


  • In case you hadn't looked, that label is over on eMu and there's a total of 23 albums there. They've got most the ones AmieStreet has but missing 2-3. The pricing on eMu looks to generally be 1 track/1 credit with a 12 credit max. I did see one 24 credit album compilation and one that was album priced at 12 credits w/6 tracks. Some price comparisons might be in order between the two sites for the common albums.
  • Daytripper asked "What are people thinking of the Josh Rouse album? "

    It's part Astrud Gilberto, part Paul Simon (the beginning of "I will live on Islands" especially Paul Simon-y). I like it on the first time through, but I need to spin it a few more times.
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    Yeah, I was doing a cross check last night. Emu has 11 of the 14 that Amie has, and another 12 not on Amie. I'll definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.

    That Fela tribute looks good, ad does Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968-1974....
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    I'm going through Amie withdrawal. Not even any Crimson Razorback or Prose in Rosette in more than 24 hours!

    I'm starting to get the shakes.

  • The dam has burst, and a steaming mass of lameness flows forth...
  • Phew. I'm feeling much better now.

  • Stefan Tischler - interesting elctronic noisy stuff - currently free.
  • As long as your name isn't Crimson Razorback, sure!
  • CaptainWrong...
    Do you know why your band's music is only available in the US ?
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    Yuki Pony Play - sounds like a Tijuana side show.

    Sounds pretty good though, in a My Bloody Valentine sort of way ....
  • Just bought them both!
  • - and there seems to be 3 different Yuki's on the eMu artist page
  • Yeah, on, we're at war with fans of a J-Pop singer named Yuki. We feel there's room to share the page. No one is going to confuse one with the other. They don't agree.

    & thanks froggie. Google pony play and you're not too far off. We give all our stuff these working titles that are usually some form of sexual deviancy and 75% of them stick. Nothing to do with the lyrics ever though. LOL
  • Oh and we shouldn't be US only. I'd say I'll try to fix that, but I've been waiting since November for those to post so it's not bloody likely. We're on eMu as well.
  • So the EP 1 = Extra Perverted One?
  • partial album from Katzenjammer, which looks interesting.
  • The rest of the Katzenjammer is up.
  • It slipped in with little fanfare, but there is a new Zu album. Still under 3 bucks.
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    A remarkable Metalhit album:
    Aava Tuulen Maa by Kauan - sounds like someone from Finland.
  • Kauan

    They are Russian, but they write lyrics in Russian and Finnish. Their genres are folk/doom metal and post-rock. Nice catch.
  • Right ! - thanks.
    They're on eMuland also.
  • I picked them up early this morning too. Not exactly death metal - good music to play at work while I'm building a new computer image.
  • Brighternow: Thanks loads. Now I have "eMuland" stuck in my head, to this tune.
  • Jah Wanks.

    Don't know about the music, but the artist's name makes me feel like God is easier to identify with....
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    I picked up this one from Now Again Records, mentioned in Froggie's post at top, and am really enjoying it. Nice old R&B/funk album of the type that used to waft and/or blast out of dorm rooms back in the day. How it wasn't a monster hit back there in 1976 is hard to say.* Under 2 bucks at the moment.

    *Although the (literally) cut-and-paste album cover is a possible contributor.
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    News from the Austrian Mosz label:
    Chunk by Denseland
    This is a David Moss project (Artistic Director, Institute for Living Voice, Antwerp; opera singer, improvising musician, performer, composer, percussionist, vocalist, project organizer.)

    David Moss
  • That appears to be selections from Chronological Classics 1934-39. But if you're gonna grab some Teagarden of dubious provenance for cheap, this Goldenlane comp might be a good ticket (46 for 12), though discographically it's probably all over the place.
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