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  • Personally I always try to avoid the landfill, plus there are lots of (mostly younger) people out there looking for turntables. I recently sold off the last of my large vinyl album collection. About a month later my son started collecting vinyl. Go …
  • A soundtrack is streaming that is a collaboration between Thom Yorke and Massive Attack's 3D. If either/both of those gentlemen float your boat, you can find it here at Uncut. The film is apparently about tax dodgers in the UK (wasn't that a Sex Pis…
  • The funniest thing to me about that God account is that he has over 1.8 million followers but only follows one person: Justin Bieber.
  • Through Halloween, a free song by The Residents featuring Snakefinger.
  • I couldn't figure out where to post this, but didn't want to start a new topic, and since I heard about this on Twitter, and...ANYWAY...I know some of you are already writing for MIG, but is looking for new writers to review netlabe…
  • Thanks for the feedback bremble...looks like I'll need to do some shopping!
    in On Sale Comment by Rudie June 2014
  • I received an email from Amazon this morning with a recommendation for this Roland Kirk 8 album compilation at an incredibly low price. There also seem to be lots of other jazz sets similarly priced. They are all on the Real Gone Jazz label, apparen…
    in On Sale Comment by Rudie June 2014
  • I'm not sure either BN. However, I'll seize this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion. I interviewed Joe Strummer many years ago and recently wrote about it and posted a link to the interview on my website. Anyone interested can find it here
  • 2x45 is one of the best - I particularly like Protection, with it's groovy sax. Assuming the original Nag Nag Nag is on that Legends disc - another great one. Mute back catalogue ehh...almost makes it tempting to go back to Emu after a several year…
  • Thanks ScissorMan. Hopefully I'll remember that next time. Doubtful, but hopefully.
    in On Sale Comment by Rudie March 2014
  • Yep Rock has a sale running for the next few days .I just ordered a 5-CD Robyn Hitchcock box for $19.99. A couple other items at various prices, including a couple a couple Paul Weller sets, Reverend Horton Heat, Dave Alvin and Tift Merritt. EDIT -…
    in On Sale Comment by Rudie March 2014
  • a/k/a Bob 2. :(
    in RIP Comment by Rudie February 2014
  • Happy holidays to all! And thanks all emusers for yet another year of great music tips, sale notices, heads up on freeebies, and humor.
  • Thank you for posting that Doofy. That first review gave me my huge laugh for the day. Actually, I wonder if it's lifted from Pitchfork?
  • Doofy - no problems with Twitter for me. One more note on This Charming Charlie, if you read the attorney letters they posted on the site the attorney throws in occassional Smiths quotes in his arguments.
  • I wasn't sure where to post this, but since I put it on Twitter I'll use this thread! This Charming Charlie is a brilliant mash up of Peanuts cartoons and Smiths lyrics. Thought some of you might enjoy it.
  • Was just going to link to that BT. A pretty sad story when you read the details.
    in RIP Comment by Rudie July 2013
  • I feel bad that I laughed at that, but when I saw the name I had the same "he was still alive?" reaction.
    in RIP Comment by Rudie June 2013
  • Well, part of it shows up here (one ear, the mouth, the knot in the tie and one partial suspender). Enough that I recognized it on twitter.
  • Hi Craig, I started following you the other day (under my Albert E. Trapezoid alter-ego). I found you when your name/account popped up in my "who to follow" box and I recognized your "photo." I often check those recommendations a…
  • I also got the McD credits yesterday but not today. *sad face*
    in Guvera Comment by Rudie April 2013
  • Thanks @amc (and all who weighred in). I had the settings correctly previously in facebook (and think I still do), but I just selected "public" on the Guvera McDonalds popup before posting and that did the trick.
    in Guvera Comment by Rudie April 2013
  • Even though the Guvera freebies stopped, I've still been geting my daily two credits from McDonalds. The last two days, however, I click through the McDonalds link nad everything looks/acts normal, but I don't get the two credits added to my total (…
    in Guvera Comment by Rudie April 2013
  • Not sure how long it lasts, but just got Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest for $2.99.
  • April Fools! Although Yancey is at Kickstarter...
  • Wow - thanks for doing the leg work on that list BT! I went to the Spin site hoping I could look at the whole list, but the way they present it is awful - you only get one album per page, and even with that I was finding I had to refresh almost ever…
    in Guvera Comment by Rudie March 2013
  • Love love LOVE CV! I like their early industrial/lo-fi stuff (Voice of America, Mix Up) - which was an early influence on my musical interest/taste. I also think they made some great music as they went more mainstream (like on Crackdown). It all cam…
  • What a riot! And I'm going to try that toast recipe.
  • So I skimmed through this thread and found three of you to follow on Twitter (Brighternow, Doofy and amclark, assuming I got all the correct ones). Anyone else care to post their twitter feeds/names? Apologies if I missed them posted here already. …
  • I agree with Kaleidoscope. I also like JuJu if that is in Guvera. And you can't go wrong if there is a singles collection.
    in Guvera Comment by Rudie February 2013